Reasons that Induce Us to Love Dubai Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Dubai Hot Air Balloon Adventure
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Dubai desert is unlike any other desert in the world. Astounding skyscrapers emerged from it while it’s also a home of numerous adventurous opportunities that attract and convince adventure lovers to visit Dubai. Dubai Hot Air Balloon is one such experience that you don’t find anywhere else. See the spectacular beauty of Dubai from an altitude of over 1, 200 meters and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the sunset.

The reasons to experience Dubai hot air balloon never ends here so let’s jump into the list straight away to get the drool flowing.

See Native Wildlife from the Top

Wandering Arabian Oryx and moving camels on the shiny sand dunes create a spectacular scene. Can you imagine the beauty of the desert wildlife at the height of 4000 feet? Of course, it’s a view you will remember the rest of our life.

Fly with Falcons

The love of Arabs with this regal bird isn’t a secret. Give a traditional twist to your trip and see the flying falcon show from the hot balloon flight. This beautiful and daring bird has royal features that impress every eye.

Keep Your Selfie Game Strong

Take a selfie you can boast of! Dubai hot air balloon offers the best vies and scenes where you can capture a selfie. Be cautious when you upload it on Instagram as the flood of notifications is going to hit your mobile.

Make Videos from Go Pro Camera

Most of the Dubai hot air balloons packages include Go Pro cameras so you can capture HD videos. Wifi facility is also provided by Dubai Feel so you can share the live video with friends and family. Capture the jaw-dropping views of sunset and sunrise and see the beauty of nature from a different perspective.

Enjoy Traditional Breakfast

Taste the mouth-watering Arabian food and experience the real beauty of desert life. Traditional Arabian cuisine is served after the flight that includes smoked salmon, fresh bread, and Arabic kehwa.

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picture Credit: Online Dubai

Tips to Make Dubai Hot Air Balloon a Memorable Experience  

  • Go to bed early and take sound sleep if you have booked morning hot balloon flight. It will help you enjoy the ride at the fullest and without yawning.
  • Desert temperature is chilly in the early morning so wear something comfy to ensure high convenience level.
  • Though Dubai hot air balloon adventure is safe for everyone if you have height phobia, then avoid it.

Dubai Feel offers cheap travel packages to Dubai and hot air balloon is hard to ignore experience that is worth trying to get tranquility and see the breathtaking desert views.


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