5 Must-Try Dubai Water Sports Activities

Dubai Water sports Activities
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Dubai is one of the top cities to visit all year round. This glitz and glam city is known for crazy ideas and records it sets. No matter the interest or the preference, it never disappoints its visitors and gives them what makes them happy.

Though the city of wonders is known for skyscrapers and desert, it also offers amazing opportunities to those who love water sports. Indeed, the sheer volume of activities will surprise you and you will love to dive in the cleanest beaches free from infections and pollutions. Let’s have a look at the five must-try Dubai watersports activities.

Pedal Boat- A Wholesome Family Activity

Pedal boating is the best activity that the entire family can enjoy together. See the beauty of the Persian Gulf and spectacular beauty of Dubai while expeiencing something thrilling. It doesn’t require any experience or expertise while the scary level is also low which makes it suitable for every family member and possibly the reason for its popularity.

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Photo Credit: GetMyBoat

Flyboard in Dubai- Test Your Inner Daredevil

If you love watersports and test your daring personality, then flyboard is something you must not miss. It gives you a chance to get an extensive experience of water sports as you can surf on the sea, swim in the water, and even fly up to 10 meters above the sea surface even with a little training. Adrenaline –pumping activity is a second to none for adventurous souls.

Surfing Dubai- Crush the Waves Valiantly 

It’s the perfect way to conquer the powerful waves of the Arabian Gulf and challenge your physical fitness. Dubai water sports activities never complete without surfing that appeals to professional surfers from all over the world who visit Dubai to enjoy its serene and beat the heat in the summer season.

Sea Tank in Dubai- An Ideal Place for Kids

Does marine life inspire you but also scare you? Don’t afraid anymore and get ready to see sharks, rays, and fish species from very close. Enter in a transparent tank and see colorful fish, exotic sea creatures, and state of art structure of the tank is the supervision of a guide. Surprisingly, you never face any breathing issue and all thanks go to the smart structure of the tank.

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Photo Credit: Dubai Online

Wonder Bus Dubai- Travel on Water in the Bus  

As I said earlier, Dubai is a city of wonders where imaginations become reality. The wonder bus Dubai is an amazing vehicle that can go on water and land alike. The air-conditioned bus has 44 seats and equipped with a state of art sound system. Tour guides can speak English, Arabic, and French while the bus passes from Dubai Courts, Seef Road, and water creek.

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Photo Credit: YouTube

I am sure this list of watersports activities will excite you and make you visit Dubai soon. Watersports activities can be performed in every season as the temperature in Dubai never goes down from a certain level. Looking for a travel package to Dubai? Contact us now and get your deal.

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