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Kidzania Dubai is an interactive, education and entertainment center where your kids can get the experience of any of the 80 plus professional roles, set in the replica of a real city. The roleplaying options include everything from a fireman and an actor to a police officer or a beautician. The game is that once the kids have chosen their profession they will have to perform “jobs” which they will get paid for or they can spend money on things like entertainment and shopping. So basically, Kidzania offers kids an opportunity to live a few moments of their kid’s life as adults, in a safe and controlled environment, while also learning about the responsibilities that come with being an adult.

As Rafael Manalo, the duty manager and the tour guide of Kidzania says it’s all about having fun while learning something. “The concept is about educating. Yes, they will be participating in an adult profession but it’s about role play, of whatever profession they are dreaming of. Doctor, engineer; there is no limit. They have their own world. It’s a place to dream.” You cannot miss the indoor city which built on a perfect scale to replicate the city with complete buildings, vehicles, paved streets, a functioning economy, and popular destinations called establishments, which are sponsored and branded by leading multinational and local brands.

It is a complete package of education, family entertainment, and fun. Kidzania Dubai is a very special attraction in Dubai and there are tons of reasons for it. Kidzania offers kids, along with their parents, a realistic physical environment to role play and mimic activities done by adults in real life, and is present in various countries around the world, including London, Singapore, and India. Does your kid always talk about being a doctor? Bring them to Kidzania and give them a little taste of life as a doctor! Have a kid who wants to grow up and become a journalist? Kidzania creates a safe, educational environment for them to live their dreams now!

This attraction is best suitable for kids of age between four and sixteen. For the kids aged between 4 years to 10 years, they can participate in the 60 role-playing activities which are related about real-world activities like doing jobs, earning money, grooming and developing many life skills which cannot be learned in conventional schools. In Kidzania, you will find the children’s version of a beauty salon, a fire station, radio, bank, TV station, pizzeria, supermarket and many more. The most interesting thing is that your kid will work in them and learn social skills. From its unique concept and design to flawless execution and entertainment value, the interactive edutainment center is something you cannot afford to miss the next time you plan a trip to Dubai Kidzania is a place where your children can learn and play simultaneously. Known as one of the best family experiences in Dubai, Kidzania is providing a platform where the kids will get the most exciting way of education.

Don’t forget to take your child and have must trip to Kidzania, it will makes your tour to Dubai superb!


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