Introducing Eclipse – A Wellbeing Hub in Dubai Marina

Dubai is the city of transformation, and you will be amazed to see the development in recent years. Fitness and health are the top priority for everyone, and that’s why Dubai Marina is introducing a fusion hub where people can think about their body, soul, and health at the same time. The eclipse comprises a mixture of fusion of wellbeing practices and also introduces the courses and classes. Where international tourists and residents can learn about yoga dances and practices that cause them to relax their body and soul and eclipse offer many kinds of facilities to people that visit this place. The one who is looking for the best yoga place in Dubai this hub remains a suitable option. This place is special for those who want to release their stress, anxiety through a transformation.

Three pillars of Eclipse

Eclipse in Dubai Marina has been introduced just to inspire people and their way of living with its three main pillars of humanity. The teachers and professionals at the eclipse demonstrate their skills and best quality knowledge for practicing all styles of yoga, Martial arts, and dance steps. 

Ancient Meditation tradition

The unique thing about the eclipse is they invite people across the world just to bring the ancient meditation tradition back. Other than this, people can equally enjoy the first-class yoga course and other fantastic practices. The purpose is to inspire all people to fall in love with the journey of life. Everyone can enjoy these classes men and women and their focus on the realization and awareness of the people’s life. People can share their ordinary routines and passions with eclipse professionals. The courses are designed to satisfy everyone’s desire and tendering to their hobby. Everyone can enjoy the eclipse and also explore their life with much more motivation. This institute discusses its experiences with every person from 6 am to 9 pm on weekdays and weekends from 7 Am to 8 pm.

Wellbeing Programs

Eclipse also introduces wellbeing programs in which they gave you some techniques to manage stress and high-performing teams; you can also learn how to work with a team or form a team and along with those inspirational leadership courses. This place also conducts teacher training courses and meditation style and delivers fantastic classes in eastern styles.

Placed in A Perfect Location

In the present climate, the location plays an important role in delivering knowledge to the people worldwide the more the people are familiar with the place the more they connect with the place. And the eclipse is located on the prime location in the heart of Dubai Marina. It is located on the marina Quays west tower (MQ-001) at the waterfront level marina promenade. 

The main course of Eclipse

The main course of eclipse includes internal martial arts and Mysore Ashtanga, Mobility sessions and Ayurveda treatments, and other Amazing sessions. These sessions cite you a reason to devote an objective life. The cost, of the courses, starts at AED 120 onwards. Every course demonstrates a diverse cost range. These practices bring peace and harmony to your mind and inform you about life choices.

Why this Eclipse?

It is one of the best hubs in the Dubai Marina which focuses on self-realization and potentials. Many people face dark situations in their life so this hub offers you many reasons to cherish your life with all this darkness. If a person wants physical fitness, mental fitness they can join this wellbeing hub in the Dubai Marina near the waterfront. This hub maintains a peaceful environment itself which clam your mind and body. The unique thing about this eclipse is that it introduces the ancient Ayurveda-style treatments and can explore the ancient traditions of the Arabian. The martial art classes include qigong, Kundalini, and stretching classes, and many more things.  These tips and tricks are extremely useful in your life. These tricks enhance your skills and execute you the ability to cope up with problematic situations. In this hub, everyone can discover the intuitive skills that describe the meaning of life and the key aim is to provide the embodiment that focuses on the person’s ability and modification. As everyone is unique with skills and knowledge so this hub provides courses giving to human ability. People can join this hub from all over the world.

Marvelous interior

On the other, this calm hub has a marvelous interior which gives you a feel to enjoy the moment. We advise you to keep hydrated during yoga practices because it will give you immense sweating. They use a unique method and practice to transform other’s life. This hub is working under a team, and Fatima is the leading yoga teacher. Therefore, if you are looking for the best yoga hub the eclipse is one of the most preferred options. Everyone can join these impressive courses. Eclipse offer students to bring their towels and yoga mat during classes. And we recommend you to book your class admission in advance for a sounder understanding and wear casual clothes in which you can enjoy your class comfortably. 

Ayurveda treatment

For Ayurveda treatment, it is advised to book your treatment in advance to fix availability at the best time and you can book your treatment online. Mobile phones are allowed in this hub, but they should be on silent mode because it causes disturbance to other members at Hub. You can enjoy every moment that spends there, and it will give you unique and unforgettable experiences in your life. You can also capture some attractive pictures with teachers and can capture moments with you forever.

Dance Learning

You can also learn dance by the professionals and dance attend a therapy through which you can express your feelings and emotions without declaring a word and it gives you pleasure to your mind and body. Through this, you can enhance your personality with these courses and practices. This hub in addition offers wellness treatments that maintain body balance. Everyone who wants to experiences therapies can visit this Wellness Hub. Therefore never overlook this opportunity to feel relaxed and calm in this high-quality Hub. You can explore many current facts about your life through this Hub so make sure to embrace this opportunity on time.


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