Interesting Facts About Dubai

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There are plenty of tourist places in Dubai to choose from. Every attraction in Dubai is created with utmost precision keeping in mind the potential of its unique explorers.With many record-breaking sites and an exciting hub for visitors to reach from across the world. So here are some interesting facts that you probably don’t know Dubai so explore them by reading this:


One of the interesting fact about Dubai is that Dubai force uses supercars to excite tourists and show how “classy” the city is. Dubai’s police force has the fastest cars in the world worth up to $8.5 million. From Bugattis to Lamborghinis and everything in between. And most mind blowing fact is that the cost to send child to study abroad like USA will cost less as Dubai Police Force spend on their super cars. Can you imagine being pulled over by a Lamborghini?

4-YES! Largest Shopping Mall in World!

With more than 12000 stores are available in this giant mall and plus its Dubai Aquarium houses 140 species of sea life in the huge suspended tank on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall. And obviously record-breaking place, the Dubai Mall, also known as the world’s largest shopping mall in the world. And mind blowing fact is that it is almost more than 50 football field! It is most visited building in the Planet and attract more than 92 million people towards itself!

3-World Largest Man-Made Island!

The Palms Jumeirah Island is so large that you can even see it from space, and it is the largest man-made island in the complete world Construction on the Palms started in 2001.  The Palms are made up of three artificial islands called Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali all off the coast of Dubai. This island takes the form of a palm tree, topped by a crescent. In fact, the amount of rock and sand used here could form a 2 meter wide (6.5 feet) wall that would circle the globe three times!

2-Dubai Loves Gold!

While there are lots of regular ATMs that dispense real money in the form of Dirhams, there are also ATMs here that dispense gold bars, and yes by that I mean real gold.  It is amazing to have gold instead of cash!

1-No Tax on Income!

Apart from an often very attractive salary you also won’t have to pay any income taxes when you make your money in Dubai. You can potentially earn your salary 100% free of tax in Dubai if you are tax resident in the UAE. One of the best benefit of living in Dubai is that you are paying zero tax of your income or personal purpose!

Quite interesting? So plan your trip to Dubai and experience this interesting facts and more by yourself!




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