How to Enjoy a Romantic Dinner Under the Stars: Dubai Marina

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Many travelers enjoy Dubai for holiday or for brief stopovers while they travel to other destinations.  Dubai is world-famous for its food, luxury shopping, and of course everyone loves the Gold Souk and its delightful wares.  What if you have something more intimate in mind?  Have you ever considered honeymooning or booking your next romantic getaway to Dubai?  Here are five reasons why Dubai may be the perfect exotic locale for newlyweds, no matter what their budget!

  1. Romantic Restaurants

    Whether you want a traditional, up-scale sit-down experience by candlelight at the exclusive Rhodes W1 or you feel a more casual vibe is your style by visiting the Palm, you can find exactly what you’re looking for on the Dubai Marina.  Boasting a vast amount of vegan and vegetarian fare as well as more traditional Middle Eastern food, these restaurants have exactly what you want with an exotic atmosphere that is sure to please!

  2. Beautiful Beaches

    Dubai’s beaches are famous for their white sands, crystalline waters, warmth, and beauty—and we aren’t just talking about the beach-goers.  Why not plan a romantic moonlit dinner on the beach as part of your honeymoon plans, or even just a romantic date?  Dubai’s beaches are perfect any time—day or night!

  3. Gorgeous Mountain Views

    Some couples love a good, heart-racing hike, while others appreciate a beautiful view of the mountains from their hotel rooms.  Whether you want to trek up a rugged mountain path for the perfect picnic or you’d rather have room service on the balcony of your hotel that conveniently overlooks Dubai’s mountain ranges, you’re sure to find the view pleasant—even while you gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes.

  4. Dinner and Dancing

    Some couples prefer traditional dinner and dancing, whether it is in a luxury hotel or in a more affordable location.  With many affordable accommodations within Dubai, you’re sure to find the perfect getaway for you and your love—whether it’s just dinner, or a night out for dancing, the occasional drink, or all three!

  5. Dining in the Lap of Luxury

    Dubai is famous for its luxury hotels and spas.  Why not plan a relaxing getaway to Dubai where you can both be pampered and pleased?  Many of Dubai’s spas are renowned for their atmosphere and cleanliness.  We can’t think of a better way to relax!

Come visit Dubai for your next honeymoon or romantic getaway.  You’re sure to fall in love, and in more ways than one!

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