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Deira Clock Tower is located on a roundabout in eastern Dubai in Deira at the intersection of Umm Hurrair Road and Al Maktoum Road. Architect ZikiHomsi, designed the clock in 1965 as a symbol of Dubai and located in Deira because major routes into Dubai meet near this building. The tower had to be rebuilt in 1989 because of its weak and faulty structure. It needed re-strengthening since it wasn’t strong enough and had several cracks seeping in. The steel used to make the tower had rusted because of the humidity and the clock had to be operated manually. The new construction covered up all the problems and issues and was renovated with the latest technology. The clocks were equipped with GPS devices for time accuracy, and the newest omega clocks were installed. From the year 1965, Dubai Clock Tower, also known as the Deira Clock Tower is a symbol of trade, road, commercial activities and house to various airline offices.

The tower is a prominent monument and is a roundabout situated in Eastern Dubai, Deira. The Dubai Clock Tower victoriously stands tall and holds a place among the ’17 most beautiful clock towers in the world. One of the most prominent monuments in Deira is the clock tower and offers access to the Al Maktoum Bridge which is the first land crossing constructed between Deira and Bur Dubai. Dubai Metro can easily access Dubai clock tower and the nearest metro station is Al-Rigga. The neighboring areas of the Deira clock tower are quite commercial ones, you will find offices of major international airlines operating in the UAE. The Telegraph newspaper call this clock tower as one of the most beautiful clock towers which exhibits the Arab history. Anyone who has lived in Dubai long enough must have driven around the Deira Clocktower roundabout.

Located at the intersection of Deira which leads to Al Maktoum Bridge to crossover to Bur Dubai, the Deira Clocktower was originally constructed in the Sixties and is a symbol of Dubai’s humble beginnings as a city with big dreams. Known as one of the most beautiful clocktowers in the world, the Deira Clocktower still stands proud and has seen its surrounding environment grow from desert sands to the modern city it is today. Dubai clocktower is indeed a beautifully designed structure which can be seen from many parts of the Deira area since it is a circular intersection at the Al Maktoum Road. It has survived and witnessed fifty long years of development and change in Dubai and is vital since it links Bur Dubai and Deira.

This unique-white structure is Dubai’s first internationally known icon and was built to celebrate the city’s oil exports and trade. Surrounding the Al Rigga district, this clocktower looks beautiful with its water fountains, palm trees and the lights in the evenings and nights. If you wish to get the feeling of Deira district, then just have a calm and soothing walk from Deira shopping Mall to Al Riga metro station, You will live the district to its maximum extent. You will see this iconic Deira clock tower on your way which represents the neighborhood of the district.

So like this one, there are many options and world best attractions to explore.Then pack your bag and plan trip to Dubai.


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