Enjoy With Your Kids-Dubai Bounce

It is common for people to think about vast and magnificent sand dunes, modern architecture, and pumping sports when they hear the name of the vibrant state of Dubai. Tourists from all around the globe are known to visit the model city for a taste of its welcoming hospitality, rich heritage and a hint of thrill. The city offers its visitors a vast and diverse range of activities filled with fun and joy suitable for all ages. Dubai is a very common and favorite of many as it offers a delightful playground for adults as well as children. It doesn’t matter that if you’re a child or sports fan Dubai bounce can entertain everyone.

With over 100 interconnected trampolines confined in several, colorful spaces — Bounce Dubai has been deemed as ‘The Indoor Sports and Recreation Facility of the Year 2015’ by SPIA (Sports Industry Awards). Bounce Dubai is a great mixture of activity and fun. Moreover, it is also an urban playground which is designed to get your adrenaline rushing with its high spirits. Apart from being easy, yet a hard-core form of exercise, it is also a great place to let your hair down. Among the many activities provided here, free-jumping, slam dunk, dodgeball, quick drop, slackline, slide, and many more are some of the most fun. It also offers a host of other programs, all of which involve jumping or gymnastics.

Dubai is now literally a playground for fitness enthusiasts as it is a haven for shoppers, thanks to Bounce. It is a favorite among kids and grown-ups alike as it offers its premises for group events like birthday parties, team-building events, and activities for children with special needs. Circus-grade sponges, springs, and giant airbags replace hard surfaces at Bounce trampoline park, Dubai. Although it has a tightly monitored safety system to help you experience the best of its facilities, remember these Bounce trampoline tips before you go. Make advance online bookings as sessions quickly sell out. Don’t forget to wear your Bounce grip socks before you climb a trampoline. Bounce is the perfect place to experience being airborne, unwind, and get some high-octane workout to shed those extra calories you might have gained while savoring the shawarmas, falafels, and other Arabian culinary delights.

So, the next time you’re in Dubai, trampoline jumping should be on your itinerary for its health benefits or just for the joy of jumping. You can challenge yourself to a set of aerial aerobics or enjoy a free-jump session with your entire family. There are five joyful activities available for the visitors which include dodgeball, free jumping, mini bounce, and big bag and performance trampolines. It is a place where the rules of gravity don’t apply.

It has huge, colorful spaces that house more than 100 interconnected trampolines. Recognized as the Indoor Sport and Recreation Facility of the Year in the entire Gulf Region by Sports Industry Awards (SPIA) in 2015, it has revolutionized free-jumping and trampoline in Dubai. The most important thing about Bounce that you should know is that the park is accessible to every kind of visitors starting from air sports athletes, adrenaline junkies, kids, mothers, etc. If you are seeking for a perfect experience for a fun-filled day in a family entertainment destination, then Bounce Dubai is the ideal place for you. The park is interconnected with Fun Zones, trampoline Walls, Trampolines and much more which is the perfect escape to beat the scorching rays of the sun. Are you ready for 1-hour free jumping session in the 500 square feet Bounce Dubai?

So want to explore more? Then what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Dubai and have fun!



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