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You’re confused about activities in dubai? What to do? Where to go? What to eat? From where to eat? Then you will found helpful for  solving your problem. Today we’re going to explore traditional Arabian food. we will explore traditional Arabic street food here. The food which we will explore in Dubai, include Mandi, shawarmas, kunafa (very delicious dish) and all the food which is famous here will definitely be tasted.

First thing that we will taste is from the restaurant, Al-mallah. Al-mallah is a restaurant. They have very famous shawarmas, platters, pastries. Their specialty is their sitting arrangement by the road side. Their most famous thing is shawarmas and pastries (cheese pastry and many others).They have lamb and chicken shawarmas. Their setup is amazing, they have mountains of meat. Let’s check out! The specialties of Al-Mallah include shawarmas,firstly and then pastries. The one I ordered is cheese and shawarma (bread that has cheese on it).Then I have chicken and meat shawarma(mix of chicken and lamb).It seems very delicious. The bread of shawarma is very different,very thin kind of bread shaped like a bowl in which they set meat and then it is covered with the same bread. It’s Very delicious. Extremely delicious It is a mixture of chicken and lamb and also contains pickles. They have given the pickles separately as well because,Pickles are very commonly eaten here in Dubai. The shawarma is extremely tasty. It contains pickles, salad, spinach and mixture of chicken and lamb. Its taste can be enhanced by taking extra pickles. Then I have cheese pastry and shawarma, I got 2 things mixed up. People eat this cheese bread separately but I got these both things mixed up and it is extremely delicious. At first bite it tastes like u are eating a bread with cheese its yum! I loved it because, I am  cheese lover. Then comes the pickles and meat and then when u add more pickles to it. Is your mouth watering??

Kunafa (the most famous sweet of Dubai) which is liked and eaten by the people a lot. The lowermost layer is of cheese then on cheese is orange colored very crispy thin noodles and is garnished with pistachio and sweetened water seems very tasty. Full layer of cheese, and the orange stuff is like a tile. Let’s taste it out Kunafa is very crispy. Totally like orange, ditto. All the worth of kunafa is because of this cheese. Guys this sweet dish is extremely delicious. (heavy layer of cheese, these noodles and sweetness on the top) yum! The extreme sunshine. I would never have been here in this extreme sunshine even for 5000 dirhams but I am sitting here for kunafa that is very delicious.

Now I am at Al-Marhabani. The mandi of Al-Marhabani that contains the shoulder of lamb has to be ordered an hour before. The sitting arrangement is in proper Arabic style. The mandi .I ordered has come. I ordered haneet shoulder(type of mandi,its making style is a bit different). I ordered shoulder in it that has three joints. The meat is very tender and fresh and has rice with it. This haneet is very famous here. Which I ordered one and half hour before. It is very hot and fresh. They serve normal salted yoghurt and salad tomatoe chutney (sauce). Lets first try it out without sauce and then with the sauce. Very delicious. It tastes extremely delicious. It is cooked in proper Arabic style. The meat has its skin on it and this skin tastes really very good. This meat is very soft that it breaks easily. Simply delicious with it is tomato sauce that has become my favorite thing after coming to Dubai which is served anywhere here with mandis and stuff. You have to make a mixture of it before eating and it doubles the taste. Oh wow. Every bite is very delicious. I know the condition of your hearts, and I know your mouths are watering. The good thing here is the sitting arrangement. Carpeted in a proper Arabic way! This mandi is Yum!

After being pleasured by the sunset at beach we are here at Bu’qtair. This restaurant is at the beach’s corner. So at the side of the beach they have Fish, shrimps and cold drinks and we are here at Bu-qtair to eat the horrible fish, and weʼll eat the shrimps too! The menu of Bu-qtair is not very vast, its limited. That contains a fish, shrimps, fish sauce and pratha and that’s all they have. Fish is named as hamour, which is a special kind of a fish. Seems very horrible large fish. With this I ordered shrimps. You can order shrimps according to grams.  I ordered 9 to 10 pieces of it. They’ve placed raw marinated shrimps and fishes there. Let me try. Oh wow. These shrimps tastes like prawns but the spices are different and tasty. Now Iʼll dip the shrimp in fish sauce and try it with pratha. Very delicious. This fish sauce is very tasty. Now ill try hamour fish that seems really horrible and I feel like this fish might eat me up inside of me engulfing it. Guys the fish tastes good but I can feel the spices, and no special fish taste. The taste of the fish is not extraordinary. But the shrimps tasted good. Now ill try a heavy bite of fish with the fish sauce. Oh woooww!! All the worth is of this fish sauce. Very delicious!

So the last thing, which weʼll try today is at the backside of mall of emirates at Al Amoor, that seems very fancy restaurant and cafe but, Few things here are very famous that includes fatair and koshri, noodles and stuff. The sitting arrangement is really very impressive! Lets try things out at Al amoor that I came to eat here. I ordered 2 things here that are very famous. One thing is fatair and the other one is koshri with macronies. Fatair is made up of very thin layer of dough and then filled up with different fillings. Iʼve ordered chicken sausage fatair. they put chicken  sausage,salad,olives,cheese and sauce and then cover it with the same dough. It seems like a pizza. Then it is baked in an oven. It is filled with sausages,olives and cheese. Lets try this out. It’s extremely delicious, it tastes really good. This is feeding my soul. Beside mandi this is the most delicious thing ive tried in Dubai. It goes in your mouth and there is a burst of taste. The second thing is koshri that is very famous here. This contains rice,macronies and noodles. This is special koshri that ive ordered. It also contains fried onions and chickpeas. Lets try this out, it’s good.. Its good for those who love macronies and rice as it contains macronies, rice, noodles and these fried onions taste like the ones in daleem. With it is a sauce, lets try it out with koshri. Oh wow this sauce is very good and the taste of koshri is enhanced by this sauce. I loved fatair. I might become fatair myself.

Dubai is city of full excitement and wonder. When you plan to have a Dubai Tour then don’t miss the street food. Its worth tasting.


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