Explore Historical Neighborhood Of Dubai Museum-Al Fahidi Fort

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Visit the Dubai Museum and encounter vibrant dioramas and enlightening historic exhibits. You can find the Dubai Museum at the southern finish of the city Creek. It is housed within the Al Fahidi Fort, this is said to be the oldest existing building within the town, and it is definitely a must-visit if you want some taste of the old Dubai city.

In order to reach the Dubai Museum, You can either walk on Al Fahidi Street through the backstreets of Bastakia or make your approach there from Bur city Souq. The Dubai Museum is also a short walk from each of the Bhubaiba and Fahidi bus and metro bus stations. They also offer limited free public parking as an additional perk out there. Built-in 1787, this fort was once a monarch base, a force of defense, a weapons arsenal and jail, before being restored throughout the reign of sheik Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. In 1971 – the very same year the United Arab Emirates was shaped, the fort was reopened as Dubai MUSEUM. The Dubai museum displays Dubai’s history and its original heritage, here you can have a glimpse of Arabian lifestyle before the invention of oil.

The galleries recreate historic native homes, mosques, souks, date farms, deserts, and marine life. You can conjointly explore the history of pearl-diving within the region, as well as actual weighing balances and the scales used at the time. In fact, the ancient things from the era of 3000 BC are also set on display, greatly preserved and cared for to confirm even more longevity. Here you can see the large distinction between the previous ancient and the current fashionable city – that developed over simply a couple of years.

The city’s main historical Museum charts Dubai’s turbo-evolution from fishing and pearling village to the international center of commerce, finance, and business enterprise. It is fortified by 3 towers, Al Fahidi Fort served as the residence of the native rulers till 1896 and went through stints as a jail and a garrison before turning into a Museum in 1971. A durable teak door festooned with brass spikes offers gratitude to the court dotted with bronze cannons, ancient boats, and areas.

The rooms are well decorated with a modest display of instruments and weapons flanking the court. The main display is underground and it can be reached via a spiraling ramp. A video and a timeline use historical prints and photographs to show the visitors how far Dubai has come back since the Sixties.  You can cross the deck of a sailing ship (traditional load boat) to enter a mock souq (market) with life-size dioramas portrayal shopkeepers and craftsmen at work, enhanced by light and sound effects and sandy documentary films which makes them almost real. Different galleries illustrate the Arabian life in the desert and the sea. The latter includes a little however fascinating pearl-diving exhibit you’ll be able to admire the fact that the divers wore just nose clips and animal skin gloves while going down to the water depths. In the final marvelous archaeologic galleries, you can view the scenes from the ancient settlements and tombs at Jumeirah, Hatta, Al Qusais and different native sites that reveal that the realm has been settled for a minimum of 4000 years.

As this museum is consider as best places to visit in Dubai, so must visit this place for some historical experience!

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