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Hello everybody, As tour to Dubai gives you wonderful experiences as a tourist for your entire life as in same way it gives you exotic taste for FOODIES! I am very excited tonight because I am going for my final win in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates! I am here in Dubai Mall at Mighty Quinn’s BBQ and I’m taking on their Mighty Feast Challenge now this thing is definitely a feast and it looks delicious!

I’ve got one hour to finish everything here, it’s a little over three kilograms or over six and a half almost seven pounds, but I’ve got a whole bunch of beef on this plate, there’s brisket and then they call it brontosaurus, which is like a beef plate, I guess next to the rib or something, and then there is a whole order of their dirty fries which has some burnt ends on it, along with all the potatoes, and I think there’s a sauce or a gravy on here as well, then we’ve got five chicken breasts, along with about a half a pound of lamb, which is amazing then we’ve got a couple sauces here which are optional, along with all these healthy vegetables as little side items, and then we’ve got these three sides here which we’ve got a very healthy broccoli salad.

then we’ve got a beetroot salad, and then we’ve got a coleslaw, but we’ve got one hour to finish it, if I fail, it’s going to be 550 Durham’s which is around 160 dollars, but if I win I’ll get the meal free, I’ll get a sweet t-shirt, and I will be the very first person because, I’m the first person to take this challenge.

Let’s get this challenge started! All right thanks to Mighty Quinn’s barbecue here visit to Dubai Mall  for putting this challenge together! Nobody’s ever attempted it, like I said so I’m trying to become the first to win! No record to beat let’s just get it down! All this meat looks so juicy, we’re going to start with this tray, go to that tray, and then boom and then boom we’ve got one hour who going for overall win number six hundred and sixty! 1, 2, 3. . .Boom! Mmmm!

Two minutes in that beef brisket was amazing! All right we’re ten minutes in and got the hardest plate out of the way all that beef, now we’ve got our chicken and our lamb, then I’ll move on to the sides. I spent 18 and a half minutes in last bites of chicken. All right we’re 28 minutes and 15 seconds in, almost halfway through the time limit, I took a little break to have that coleslaw, now I’m going to get back to finishing the lamb, then we’ll do this broccoli salad and then the fries and we’ll be done, so let’s keep it going!

So happy to be done to meat! I need a couple good burps. Alright now 39 minutes in and 21 minutes left! Time for the dirty fries! We’re fifty minutes and thirty seconds in, I’m way far into the tour and I’m getting real fat my stomach is shouting on me that I shouldn’t be doing this challenge.

But I am in Dubai, and my moto is either go big or stay home, let’s get the rest down, I’ve got a little over nine minutes left! Big thanks to Mighty Quinn’s for the Mighty Feast Challenge! Big thanks to all of you guys for your patience that you kept reading till the end and let me finish. All that took forever like, 56 minutes and 13 seconds. And after mentioning this food must try this dishes, after all this is also attractions of Dubai for Foodies!

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