Hidden Dubai !14 Things you did not know about Dubai

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Dubai was formed less than 50 years ago and it hit the ground running it started an aggressive development campaign and it hasn’t stopped to this day it is the capital of one of these seven states comprising the United Arab Emirates and as we all know that this city is favorite for all of its Dubai tourist attractions, it’s growing to be one of the most respected and interesting cities in the world it represents one of the focal points of the Middle East and if in the past it found its power in oil these days it is being sought out for its high-end real-estate and luxurious tourism so what makes this place so special here are some things you didn’t know about Dubai.

Number 1. Dubai produces 4.5 Olympic swimming pools of oil per day. If you don’t have a visual image of what 50 thousand barrels of oil looks like I bet that you have seen an Olympic swimming pool at least once in your life now multiply that with 4.5 and that is the amount of oil Dubai produces in a day.

Number 2. 39% of Burj Al Arab is wasted space. It famous for being a seven-star hotel and being the fourth tallest hotel in the world Burj Al Arab has 39% of space that is uninhabitable that is because they don’t care about fitting as many people in one building and they concentrated on the architectural vanity sizing.

Number 3. Dubai is building its own amusement park called Dubai land after Disney refused to build a Disneyland in Dubai they do to build Dubai land which is twice bigger than the biggest Disneyland it is estimated to cost around sixty four point three billion dollars they will host diverse attractions and it will be a great thing for putting Dubai on the family tourism map .

Number 4. The amount of gold traded in Dubai is mind-blowing. Forty percent of the gold traded in the world in 2013 occurred in Dubai and weighed more than three hundred and fifty-four elephants that is approximately 2.2 5-0 tons of gold.

Number 5. Burj Khalifa can be seen from 95 kilometers away if Burj Khalifa would be situated in Freiburg Germany you would be able to see it from Strasburg. Whenever you will have Burj Khalifa tour then you will see psychically that how truth is it!

Number 6. Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world with a crime rate that is near zero percent. Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world due to the fact that the law is very strict and people have high morality.

Number 7. The income tax in Dubai is zero percent, this is probably one of the best privileges. If you want to become a rich person in Dubai the residents do not pay any personal taxes on their income which makes Dubai one of the most convenient cities in the world to start a business.

Number 8. The Dubai Mall has an indoor ski resort. The Dubai Mall has the largest indoor snow park in the world with an area of three thousand square meters and a ski resort that will make your trip to Austria look like a picnic.

Number 9. The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world, the Dubai Mall is the perfect destination for shopping due to the fact that you can find anything you have dreamed of under just one roof it has 1,200 stores and is considered the largest shopping center in the world.

Number 10. The above-ground metro station was built in eighteen months the station opened in 2009. It consists of 42 stations and was built in only eighteen months now that is an example of determination and good planning.

Number 11. Dubai has the largest rate of population increase in 1975. The Dubai population was approximately 183 thousand and today it has reached one point six seven million making Dubai one of the most prolific cities in the world.

Number 12. Dubai has a luxury car graveyard where luxury cars go to die, many luxurious cars were abandoned all over the city because of the financial crisis due to that fact most of the cars were bought with easy credit during the economic boom.

Number 13. The Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest artificial island the Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest artificial island and it can be seen from space it is 5.4 kilometers long and it also includes 28 hotels.

Number 14. Princess tower is the tallest residential building in the world, it has 101 levels and 414 meters it is considered to be the tallest residential building in the world, it is also the second tallest building in Dubai surpassed by Burj Khalifa with the oil money slowly running out. Dubai is pushing as strong as they can into tourism and technology industries in order to be sustainable for the long run.

So here above, i discussed some hidden things that you don’t know about this city so i think its quite impressive for tourists to plan a tour to Dubai as soon as possible!

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