An Insider’s Guide to Coin Museum Bur Dubai

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A coin museum may not seem very interesting, but the Coin Museum of Dubai may be the one place that will change your mind.  More than just a museum about coins, this museum is not only a dream come true for coin collectors, but historians from all over the world as well.  One of the best places to learn the real history of an area is through its coins and monetary system, and that is exactly what the Coin Museum Bur Dubai has to offer!

The Building

The Coin Museum itself is in a beautiful building made of sandalwood, coral, stone, plaster, and teakwood and is located in historic Al Fahidi.  The building has two floors filled with displays and the staff is extremely knowledgeable about each piece and will give spectators a detailed history.

The Collection

The Coin Museum has one of the world’s largest and most varied coin collections, and it is through this collection that visitors can get a fuller sense of the tumultuous and fascinating history of Dubai and its surrounding areas.  The museum is equipped with special cabinets and electronic devices that showcases each coin’s history, details, and multiple points of view for each coin on display.

Come visit this fascinating museum and get a close-up look at Dubai’s history through its monetary system.

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