Beyond the Realms of Simply Listening to Music: Dubai Marina Music Festival

One of the best and most interesting music festivals in the world is celebrated in Dubai on the Marina Mall.  Since 2010, the Dubai Marina Music Festival has been thrilling music lovers, children, and experimental music lovers with a festive atmosphere, great food, wonderful music, and one of the most innovative and immersive music experiences on the face of the planet.

Experience Music You Can Touch

Air drums, a laser light harp, and impromptu jam sessions are just some of the wonderful and tactile experiences you are encouraged to join if you choose to visit the Dubai Marina Music Festival. Children and teens especially love these types of experiences, and you never know when your little budding musician may be inspired to pick up a set of drumsticks or find their hidden talent for the harp!

Best Way to Attend

Listed below are some helpful tips to make your visit to the Dubai Marina Music Festival enjoyable and easy to attend.

  1. Make a plan—According to, the festival’s web site, there will be over 40 shows featuring 500 acts during the entire 10-day run of the festival.  If you want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, look at the schedule of events and make notes regarding what you want to see.
  2. Bring comfortable mats or seats—There are benches and mats available, but if you choose to bring your own, that will be helpful too. If you are a very tall person, please sit so that shorter people can see.
  3. Phones and mobile devices—Though our phones are vital for communication, we request that you please soften your ring tones and make sure the flash is disabled for picture-taking.
  4. Join in—or not—Though a majority of the acts feature some interaction, you may always politely decline if you’d rather just watch.
  5. Keep it clean—Dubai is a clean and beautiful city. Please place any trash in the nearby receptacles.

Come on out and experience music like never before at the Dubai Marina Music Festival!


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