A day at traditional Desert Safari



Dubai, as we now know it was not entirely a city with all that skyscrapers and luxury atmosphere. Long before it was so, the whole city was just a desert with a some connecting roads and a few buildings. It also being located on the Arabian gulf does makes it a city build on a desert.

That being said, Dubai as we know it now did not entirely cover up its desert lands for high structures and the rest. There are still sand fill desert places at the outskirts of Dubai now know as the Desert Safari.

Desert safaris in Dubai are now designed in to a creational facility for tourist to come have a feel of how leaving on the desert feels like and how traditional Emirates were in the early years.

So, if you are in Dubai and planning to know how the traditional Desert Safari will be like then here are some tips and information to make your experience a good one.


It is always good to plan your trip to the Desert Safari some 2 days ahead and better if you arrange that with a local travel and tour group. You might feel like you have a car and hence you will just drive there. That will be cool, however with a local tour group you did have more experience along the way and you will not have to worry about where to park, and local tours do have a guide who will guide you to the right places to have a much more exciting experience.




Now there are a few things you should get in your back pack before ending out to the desert. However, packing will depend on the time of day you pick for your journey. There are mostly 2 trips for Desert Safari. One in the morning to late afternoon and one from late afternoon in to the night. If you pick the early trip, make sure to get on some sun block and a scarf, hat or cap to protect you from the scorching sun. But if you decide on the late afternoon trip, do take a jacket along as temperature drops and gets windy in the early hours of the night.

What to Expect

Desert Safari gives you the experience of having to driven in a land cruiser 4×4 on a bumpy desert.  Trust me, the feeling is good as you did be knocked from side to side in a thrilling manner, the drivers do also speed up to add more thrill. You will also experience camel ridding, some desert games and finally a light desert dinner as well as a belly dance show.


So, if you are planning on visiting Dubai, do make sure to have a trip to the Desert Safari.


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