7 outdoor activities that could be done in Dubai

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From the dunes of the desert to the waves of the sea, here are seven outdoor activities for visitors to Dubai. At the top of our list here is the classic desert safari in Dubai. Otherwise known as dune bashing this activity will take you out into the open desert to surf, ride and camp your way through a day on the dunes. At the end of the day you can look forward to some authentic belly dancing and a barbecue dinner.

Next up on our list is horse riding. Believe it or not horse riding is almost as popular as camel riding in Dubai and you could easily find yourself atop a friendly equine as you learn to trot, ride and run with guides beside you.

Number three on the list is scuba diving. Luckily for this city, it’s located on the coast. Dubai offers tons of scuba diving for thrill seeking adventurers and you just have to explore the shallows of the coast. Number four is deep sea fishing. Ever heard pros brag about their big catch?

Now you can add yourself to the list by catching your own! Sailing in at number five is the Pal Island cruise, taking you out to sea with style on a luxury ride. For the number six space s the dhow cruise diner. This curves the sea sickness and enjoys this luxury eating experience on the water.

Lastly is the Musandam day tour, taking tourists on the scenic routes of the nation. Enjoy all these sites, locations and activities for yourself and let all your friends know. Take pictures, write home and enjoy all that the city has to offer for your vacation this year. And as always live bold and experience the world. Good luck adventurers and never stop chasing the next adventure!

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