Climb the Palm – Visiting Palm Jumeirah

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The Palm Jumeirah which is located in Dubai is an extraordinary development. Palm Jumeirah was built with a perfect shape that resembles a palm tree with just a few treks away are the beach clubs, hotels, brunches, restaurants, and wildlife. Most international travelers visit Palm Jumeira for Tourism purpose because of the great view, and a couple of nice hotels to relax after each day experience.

Are you traveling to Palm Jumeirah, today we are to discover various things you can do at Palm Jumeirah in Dubai?

There is a different thing to do when visiting Palm Jumeirah, especially the giant archipelago which is very long with a distance of 7 miles. When visiting, it’s best to use a taxi instead of walking around. You can try standing at the top of the Palm to get a perfect look at the rose-hued Atlantis which is a very popular landmark in Dubai.

Do you like coffee? The Talise Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah has a good coffee with different flavors. Although most visitors prefer the Turkish coffee treat around here because of the rose bath and body treatment.

The Palm Jumeirah can be described as a home for celebrities with perfect chef attending at each restaurant. If you happen to have traveled with a kid, you can visit the Aquaventure waterpark for a special experience. For example, riding along the waterslides, playing in the pools near the private beach. Most of these beaches have friendly animals that you can swim with while taking a lot of pictures. The dolphin and sharks can be found around the Atlantis in the Aquarium chamber with thousand species of animals.

Another fun you might not want to miss in Dubai is the speedboat race. The speedboat racing a fun game of 90 minutes in the Dubai Marina. You can take a lot of photos around the Palm Jumeirah near the Atlantis before moving forward to observe different astonishing places in Dubai. If it’s your first-time visiting Dubai, you can try checking out the royal palaces in Dubai.

One more thing that you can’t forget during your visit is the Riva beach club and freefall. It can be called a home of relaxing with your favorite drinks while relaxing near the beach or a chilled swimming pool. When it comes to freefall where you rush and jump from a plane on top of the Palm Jumeirah with a high-speed fall to the ground offering a great view all around the palm.

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