7 outdoor activities that could be done in Dubai

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Dubai is center of attraction for whole world. There is no chance of boredom while living in DUBAI. For me, it attracts me for its large construction projects and sport events and as we know about BURJ KHALIFA, yes world tallest building.

You looking for 7 best outdoor activities that you can do in Dubai? Isn’t less I mean only 7? Dubai have numerous outdoor activities that I will explain further

  1. Explore the Dubai Coastline In A Yellow Boat

Dubai spectacular coastline is such inspiring and attractive phenomenon that it often called as eight wonder of the world. Dubai provides colorful boats to enhance its view in perfect way! You can explore amazing views at yellow boats in Dubai. These popular and recognizable boats tours are perfect for families, friend’s squad but actually for everyone who is in wait for courageous exploration trip.

  1. Go For BBQ at Desert.

Desert seems peaceful and just imagine BBQ party in desert.

Its cultural services offers unique amazing and exciting dinner packages. Tasty dinner with belly dance is absolutely unforgettable evening in Dubai. It offers various options like sheesha, camel rides, henna painting.

  1. Party at Yacht Brunch

Get yourself  ready to have an spending experience and book best yacht in Dubai. There is no other city than Dubai who offer splendid party scenes. The free-flowing drinks, wide variety of food, special dancing and swimming pools makes your moment worth living. It makes you to forget your worries for a while as music just take control over your brain and makes you feel free. So isn’t seems interesting? YES! GO GUYS.

  1. Relax with Yoga At the beach South Lawn

If you are looking for a flexible, strong, capable body with positive heart and body after a hectic week then GO FOR this option. I bet it refresh your mind, thinking.

Embrace the shining rays of sun and enjoy the free morning yoga sessions four days a week at BEACH. Best way to rejuvenate your mind. Proper classes are arranged which is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. There’s never a dull moment when you live in Dubai it provides you best option for feed your mind, body,soul.

3. ZIP across the City’s Skies at Xline Dubai

One of the best attraction of this city is XLINE and YES  world’s largest urban zip line. The double zip line comes with superman-style harness, allowing you to Amwaj Towers in JBR to terrace of Dubai Marina Mall. XLine lets brave riders soar as fast as 50 mph for 3,280 feet about 560 feet in the air in Dubai’s marina district (for about $180), according to the Associated Press. Its best option for adventure-lovers!

  1. Desert Safari Tour

You are in Dubai and you haven’t experience safari tour? What are you waiting for? Go for it today! It is best way to spend your afternoon. The highlight of the Desert Safari in Dubai is Tanoura Dance and Belly Dance. It will fill your heart with joy and praise. With safari you can also enjoy sand boarding and camel riding with some sunset’s photos.

  1. Go deep sea fishing

Yes! The best outdoor activity you can perform is Sea Fishing. Hop on one of the fishing tour boats operating in the area and come back with fresh catch of Barcudda, Snapper. I hope this option will be on top of your list!

At the end, I recommend you to take once glance upon your weekend list because after seeing this best outdoor activities you will gonna change your mind.


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