7 fabulous Dubai restaurants, from the underwater to the sky-high

The city of Dubai is well known for the food that makes every tourist salivate when they take a bite. If you are in Dubai, we are presenting to you 7 of the fabulous restaurants around in the city; here we go:

Maya Mexican Kitchen and Bar

If you desire the best of Mexican food, the best place to be in this hotel. Your expectations will be exceeded because you will meet with a very high standard of service that is of international dimension. The stewards will make you have a feeling of home away from home. If you want you desired is a royal treatment, then go to this restaurant.

Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant

If we are to go purely by the reviews given by those that have been to this hotel, then one would not be far from the truth if we rate is as excellent in terms of its performance index. You will surely enjoy the delicacies on the menu list. The natural view of the ocean is best appreciated if you are in this restaurant.

Al Grissino

This restaurant can hold its own anywhere on the international scene going by the quality of service and the food on the menu list. This is a place to be if you are a vegan. will meet a standard on the ground that will surpass your expectations. Expected to be pampered to the highest limit ever.

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If you go to this restaurant, you are going to find the arrangement of things excellent. The atmosphere is electrifying, and the service will make you have a feeling of royalty around you when you step into this restaurant.

Barefoot Lounge

The sea view that you will get to see here in combination with the seafood on the menu list makes this restaurant an irresistible place to be. If you are a lover of seafood, you will get to see on the menu list delicacies that you have never seen in life. Trust the superb delivery from the staffs in this restaurant.

Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge

The attitude of the staff that you will get to see here is excellent. A must for every lover of Lebanese food. Sunset view is fantastic.


This is the best restaurant for those of Indians, a place to be for the vegetarian family as well. The food is sublime; atmosphere amazing!


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