A Day At Dubai Dolphin Bay

Dubai dolphin bay is your ticket to interact and bond with one of the planet’s most endearing mammals, dolphins. This attraction is one of the world’s most well organized and standardized dolphin habitats where you can not only swim with the dolphins but also feed them and go scuba diving alongside these charismatic creatures. Keeping ..

Dubai’s first definitive statement of Intent-Burj Al Arab

Standing tall and proud of the beautiful coast of Dubai is one of the most incredible buildings on the planet At 321 meters it soars higher than the Eiffel Tower it’s the tallest hotel on earth and possibly the most luxurious a structure designed to amaze Its name means the Arabian Tower This is the ..

Multicultural dining scene -5 Must Visit restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is indeed the city of gold with modern features and luxury everywhere on the view. The city is famous because of its reputation and beautiful restaurant scene with every meal perfect to your expectation. Dubai is where most culinary showcases their talent to international visitors ready to enjoy a great meal. Even if the ..

5 the most enjoyable place to drive around Dubai, UAE

  Seeing Dubai is one quality time of every people who once visit here, and everyone love to come here again and again due to its attractiveness and secureness. Instead of watching any other place, you have to try Dubai once and get all your values back with such amazing moments. Here are 5 places ..

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Dubai’s Spectacular Cityscape – The Snapshot Experience

One of the best ways to view the beautiful city of Dubai is from above, partaking in something known as The Snapshot Experience.  There are several aerial tourist facilities in Dubai, and we’ve found some of the best so you can see this gorgeous city from all angles in one of the best seats available—from ..

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Things You Must Know about Bollywood Parks Dubai

If you love Indian cinema—with its whirlwind romances, its opulence, its stellar musical numbers, and all that fabulous dancing—then you must come and visit Bollywood Parks Dubai, the world’s first and only themed amusement park dedicated to the beauty and brilliance of Mumbai’s film industry! 5 Zones of Interest There are 5 areas in the ..


It sounds abnormally crazy, when you talk of spending your New Year’s Eve at the fabulous Dubai Marina with an outstanding Dhow Dinner. This is perhaps the best place to visit in Dubai to welcome the New Year. This is sometimes embarrassing, when you try to book your year-ending as well as year beginning at ..

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10 things to do at Dubai Shopping Festival 2018

Dubai Shopping Festival, a unique multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and diversified assimilation of consumers, sellers, travellers, tourists, and on-lookers you will ever find anywhere in the world. So large is the multitude of traders, buyers, and shops along with the items or commodities, you cannot imagine. Plan your trip to this best place to visit in Dubai ..

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5 Family Theme Parks to Visit in Dubai

Parks! Especially when you are with your family on a tour to the best places to visit in Dubai. It’s obvious that amusement theme parks are not only just the attractions but are the unavoidable important necessities in your entire trip. As with regards to what to visit in Dubai you have places in plenty ..

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Shark Drive Experience in the Dubai Aquarium

Are you an adventurer? If so, you must have gone to the best places to visit in Dubai, and in particular the shark drive experience in Dubai aquarium. If not yet visited, get into the 10 million litre aquarium in Dubai and meet the most dangerous predator of our planet earth the 300 sharp teeth ..

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