Dubai’s first definitive statement of Intent-Burj Al Arab

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Standing tall and proud of the beautiful coast of Dubai is one of the most incredible buildings on the planet At 321 meters it soars higher than the Eiffel Tower it’s the tallest hotel on earth and possibly the most luxurious a structure designed to amaze Its name means the Arabian Tower This is the Burj Al Arab But creating this 21st century icon will be an epic struggle that pushes everyone involved to the limit In November 1994 construction begins on what is planned as the world’s tallest and most luxurious hotel.

The pressure is on from day one with the eyes of the world watching. No one on the project wanted to disappoint this particular client Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The vision behind this amazing building belongs to Dubai’s Crown Prince. The project is his response to the economic time bomb his country confronts. As his close knew that oil is going to end someday and they had two choices either Go and do something about it and find other alternatives ways to sustain the life for the people of Dubai or sit waiting for help. The good life could end just as quickly as it began when the wells are on dry,the answer to devise economic survival lies in its geography. This tiny emirate less than twice the size of London is in the remote Arabian Gulf, Dubai has three untapped assets sun, sand and sea Facing future economic meltdown. Sheikh Mohammed made a crucial decision. He wanted to turn his country into one of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious holiday destinations, a playground for the rich, on the Arabian Gulf Coast. For this very purpose, the Sheikh needed a luxurious centerpiece to launch his country into high-end tourism. He stakes what some speculate is over a billion dollars on the tallest most lavish hotel in the world with a unique 7-star reputation the Burj Al Arab.

The doors opened to the first ultra-rich guests in December 1999 a full month before the millennium and Sheikh Muhammad comes to watch the final sunset of the century from his magnificent new hotel. Architect Tom Wright and the team have fulfilled the brief every part of this iconic structure is extraordinary In the ground-floor restaurant a team of divers cares for 700 exotic fish in this 280 cubic meter tank. The result allows guests to get intimate with sharks. At the opposite end of the world’s tallest hotel. This amazing feat of engineering the cantilever restaurant delivers Tom Wright’s vision of dining in the sky. A Spectacular combination of fire and water greets you before you even enter the building, Staying here doesn’t come cheap, sweets cost up to $28,000 a night .And for guests with that kind of money, there’s the helipad weighing 330 tons.

Projecting off the building over 200 meters above the sea. When it’s not being used as a tennis court by Roger Federer and Andre Agassi. It offers a very unique and special way of arriving up on possibly the world’s most exclusive Hotel. The Burj Al Arab is a project for a lifetime. No other project will ever match this one. The engineering triumphs or creating Dubai’s first artificial island has far-reaching the facts.

There are 9 bars and restaurants in the Burj al Arab, some of which are only open to in-house visitors and many of which only serve buffets. (When you’re already being so excessive, why stop at greediness?)

And YES! Tea and in Burj Arab? Is it sounds so wonderful? Obvious YES!

Treat yourself and guests to an unforgettable Afternoon Tea in the heart of the iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

This offer includes the following benefits:

  • Stunning views into the world’s tallest atrium.
  • Afternoon Tea with a selection of finest teas and coffee.
  • A striking decor with mosaic and marble flooring and torches.

If you are planning to visit Dubai, i must say to try Burj al Arab for gathering never ending pleasant moments.

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