​Winter in Dubai-Must Do Activities

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Dubai is land of attractions and tourism. Winter in Dubai is wonderful. It’s undoubtedly the best time of year to visit Dubai. During the day it’s still warm enough to lie in the sun and swim, but best of all you can walk – something you can’t do in Dubai for much of the year. Tourists experience the winter season in Dubai between of October to March. This period is considered to be the best with respect to the weather conditions as the temperature comes to a more comfortable level. During the winter season it has an average daytime temperature of 25 °C (77 °F).Dubai has become famous tourist destination.

3-Enjoy At Beaches

In winter, beaches become more excited for whole world. When you think of Dubai as a holiday spot, sun and sand are probably what first come to mind. You picture yourself working on your tan on the beach all day, punctuated by dips in the Arabian Sea. For those who are looking for a winter destination that does not involve coats and gloves, booking a trip to Dubai will guarantee that they’ll only have to pack swimsuits.

2. Go camping

The winter weather in Dubai is ideal for camping. Whether you choose desert, mountains or coast, the daytime temperatures mean you won’t struggle with the heat when you’re pitching your tent, or wake up inside a heat trap. People in Dubai will commonly head to the desert in order to camp, where the temperature drops even lower. It gives them a real chance to be cold, something that is very rare in Dubai, with the exception of air conditioning.

1-Go Skiing At Ski Dubai

Can you even imagine a skiing arena in a desert area? Dubai has made it possible with a 22,500 meters of ski area which offers year-round skiing and snowboarding opportunities. It would be best activity to do in winter in Dubai. Make yourself more energetic and have fun with your kids at this place so book your tickets and plan trip to Dubai Ski Land and make your winters more enjoyable!

So there are the winter activities to do in Dubai, then must experience them you will love it!

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