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There are not many wonders in the world which can go beyond your wildest imagination. Such wonders were not only unthinkable in one’s imagination but also, they weren’t deemed to be in any way practically possible to build, But World knows that Dubai proved it otherwise. One such rare wonder of the world is the Dubai Mall Aquarium, which is also known as the Dubai Aquarium and your trip to Dubai Mall Aquarium would be wonderful with full of excitement.

Please do not get fooled just by the name, this is no ordinary aquarium, this is the world’s largest man-made suspended acrylic aquarium which is located at the ground floor of the Dubai mall and from there it rises up to the third level. It is the home to over 33000 exotic marine life species; the enormity and gigantic size of the Dubai aquarium definitely captures your attention and keeps you fixed to your feet.

With the water holding capacity of 10 million liters, Dubai Aquarium stupendously illuminates and represents the beauty of the mighty ocean floor while showcasing one of the most versatile collections of marine life globally. Dubai Aquarium has the boasting collection of thousands of marine animals that represent the whole marine species.

The 270-degree acrylic walk through tunnel of Dubai Aquarium is specially designed for providing incredible and breathtaking close-encounter experiences with some of the most incredible, fascinating underwater species on the planet. The length of the tunnel is about 48 meters and it is 11 meters under the surface which offers the visitors an exceptional underwater experience as they come eye-to-eye with the beautiful yet dangerous creatures like stingrays, sharks, and the other aquatic animals.

In this gigantic and remarkable aquarium, you can explore the complete world of the water animals. These animals include 40-year-old giant crocodile which weighs 750 kg, pelagic fish, piranha, penguin, lizards, snakes and sharks, and many other incredible species.

The Dubai aquarium is a 10-million-liter water tank which summarizes the beauty, tranquility and the depth of the underwater world. The Underwater Zoo is famous for offering an interactive approach to educate the guests and the visitors irrespective of their ages in various fields such as ecology and sustainability of the marine life. This interactive and fascinating journey consists of three diverse ecological zones: Coastline, Rainforest, and UAE Night Creatures, which include the great number of aquatic animals that include Giant Spider Crabs, Penguins, Piranhas, Crocodiles, Sea Horses, Otters, Sea Jellies, and Water Rats amongst others.

One of the fascinating and marvelous additions at the Underwater Zoo is the ultimate rare species of King Croc, which is one of the largest reptiles in the world. Another one of the most popular attractions of Underwater Zoo is the Queen Croc of age more than 80 years and which is also the companion of the King Croc. Queen Croc and King Croc are together for more than 20 years in their dedicated home. They have made sure in Dubai mall aquarium that you experience the marine life adventure to the maximum extent for this purpose you can also step inside ‘Dubai Aquarium Explorer’.

It is a Submersible Simulator which takes it visitors on a virtual adventure among gigantic marine animals like whales, sharks, and many other sea creatures. You can also go to the water level and get inside the glass-bottom boats. These boats drift out over the surface of the huge aquarium and because of glass bottom, you can watch thousands of animals swimming below.

So i must say without having visit in Dubai aquarium your trip to Dubai would be so empty. Go and have fun!

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