The Cultural Side of Dubai – museums to visit for


Usually, the first association for Dubai is shopping. But Dubai offers more contents. There are several museums of contemporary art in Dubai. Good chances for artists to show their talents and creativity. For visitors – it is amusing and modern. Ideal for spending quality time in Dubai.


Let’s start with the Sharjah Art Museum

This museum was opened in 1997. It has large galleries and it works throughout the year. The museum hosts a variety of exhibitions. And there is also a lot of collections by renowned artists. Through their paintings, you may explore the history of the region. And enter the Arabic world coloured with mystery.

A Museum Library contains more than 4000 titles. In English, Arabic and other languages. Audio and visual materials may touch your imagination. There is a possibility to take part in programs and workshops. One wing of the museum dedicates to paintings created by famous artists of the middle east. And the museum also hosts international exhibitions, artistic & educational workshops.

Jameel Arts Centre

This centre is an independent institution. It exhibits contemporary art. It engages the community through learning and research.

Jaddaf Waterfront Sculpture Park

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Right beside Jameel Arts Centre, there is Jaddaf Waterfront Sculpture Park. This park shows huge artworks, so-called rocks. It is unique in the United Arab Emirates. The firm Ibda Design created the park. Their founders Wael Al Awar and Kenichi Teramoto combined human behaviour with artistic inclinations in crafted works. Sculpture park consists of fluid and navigated criss-cross of paths. Cross paths reflect a hidden geometry that separate zones and build a flow between them. There are pieces at the entrance of Jaddaf Sculpture Park. Those pieces represent atmosphere, transformation and immersion. They also show traditional forms. Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim transfers natural surrounding of his hometown Khorfakkan. Copper wire covers each rock. Such repetition evokes the artist’s emotions of his home space. Later everything was touched by urban development.
In this sort of museum, you may also find bronze works. Such kind of art is futuristic – a unique combination of shaping and abstraction. Some artists transfer their family and neighbour gathering through strange geometric shapes. Everything was presented in terracotta.

If you are planning to visit Dubai next year, you will have the chance to visit the Museum of the future.

This is the museum of amorphous forms. It is designed under the principles of Feng Shui. The museum will open the door in 2019. A New museum in Dubai is one of the most futuristic and complex projects in the world. The shape is unusual – it looks like a spaceship. It pushes the limits of building and it will become a landmark for new projects in Dubai.

Architectural firm Killa Designs executed the project for the Museum of the Future. The project is I accordance with the strict principles of energy efficiency. This is why it has received the LEED certification and is characterized as a sustainable facility.



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