Summer In Dubai-Unlimited Fun

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Dubai is famous for its luxurious lifestyle, skyscrapers and breath-taking views. It has 2 distinct seasons of summer and winter. The summer season is generally very hot but little do the people know that summer season has its own perks and privileges and today I am going to tell you about some of those benefits you can take from summer season in Dubai.

You can save a lot of money on your hotel stay during the summer season

Dubai has most luxurious hotels in the world – You can have the great number of options for hotels to select, from sky-high suites in Grosvenor House, beautiful beachside bolt holes in the breathtaking Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, or a friendly slice of Dubai’s iconic Atlantis the Palm. These are all the big names and if you can’t afford them then luckily for you summer season is just the right time to visit Dubai. When the temperature rises up the hotel rents drop down, for example, you can get a three-day break for under £400, including airfares and that’s a very reasonable price. Summer is generally the low season for Dubai’s hotel owners, so they try their level hard to get your business, often throwing in freebie spa treatments, upgrades, and complimentary kids’ activities too. You can take all three at the cheapest price of the year.

Take maximum advantages of summer season discounts

All you need in your suitcase would be your swimwear, shades and couple of cover-ups, doing that would save you a lot of luggage allowance and since you are in Dubai and that too in the summer season, you can go spending all that allowance in shopping. Just like the hotel rentals, the shopping malls of Dubai lower their prices considerably, you can go for your bargain hunting and your Dirhams will get you way much more than usual season. In summer season shopping in Dubai mall (the biggest mall of the word) and artisan jeweler on Jumeirah beach is no less than a bliss.

Fun for kids in summer

Dubai is a family-friendly city and it offers a lot more in summer season then in regular ones, it offers free festivals and events for children all over the city. In summer season you will find shopping malls filled with events for kids, balloon artists, kids’ clubs, pop up theaters and puppet show. You can find all of the main family attractions in Sky special summer deals. Mega attractions for only kids like Dubai aquarium, SEGA republic, Magic planet adventure park, aquaventure and the lost chambers they all offer special discounted prices in the summer season.

Elevate your Spirituality in Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is expected to arrive in summer season in Dubai for the next five years, as the month moves forward by a couple of weeks every year. This is the most sacred time of year for Muslims and the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. The brash, boisterous side of Dubai gives way to a calmer, more generous character – instead, the focus is on family and forgiveness. During Ramadan, Muslims fast during daylight hours – but don’t worry, as a non-Muslim you’ll be able to eat! Come nightfall the fast is broken, giving way to lavish feasts in every hotel which you’ll be very welcome tuck in to. You can expect generous spreads of Middle Eastern cuisine – lamb biryanis, hummus, falafel, shish kebabs, salads and more – washed down with mint lemonade.


 The entire city will be all yours

Dubai’s population is mostly made up of expats and the majority of them head home during summer. The city slows down with the high temperature and Ramadan, so they take advantage of the break – leaving the city’s main attractions, restaurants and hotels nice and quiet. So now’s the time to make the city your own… Dine in Dubai’s best eateries, get the best seat in the IMAX cinema, ride at the front of Aquaventure’s roller coasters and bag the shadiest spot in the hotel pool. Of course, the beach is too hot for most sunbathers, but if you come in nightfall you can swim in the warm sea and gaze up at the moon and glittering Dubai skyline.

So no need to worry about heat because attractions of Dubai will beat the heat, you can plan your trip to Dubai in summer and have fun!




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