Kids Become Happier-A Guide To Dubai Kidzania

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KidZania is an attraction built in Dubai Mall dedicated to children and their entertainment. This attraction is unique in its own way. The children get the chance to live and lead their life for some time as adults. They are given specific professional roles and then they try to live up to their designated character. They are all posted in a city where the kid can act as judges, engineers, doctor or whatever role they prefer.

The city includes real-life buildings like hospitals, fire stations, etc. The kids feel the artificial world as the real one. Many of the businesses are sponsored and branded by real companies and this actually adds an element of realism to the experience. The city is built just like an international standard facility, where the kids have to enter by checking into the KidZania international airport. Here they are given a special tag that prevents them from leaving the attraction without the same adults that checked them in. After entering the city, the kids are now entrusted with monetary responsibilities and they are handed over the cheque of 50 KidZos, which is the official currency of KidZania. The kids may deposit their money in the bank or exchange their currency. Just like the real money this currency can be spent on other chores and other facilities like restaurants and hairdressers.

To earn more money in KidZania children must get a job and work. Over 80 jobs are available including barber, beautician, cabin crew, pilot, dentist, house painter, firefighter, and customs officer. After entrusting them with their monetary responsibilities, they are dressed up in their uniforms matching their profession to earn their salary. The KidZania includes all of the real-life institutions including driving license offices and rent a car service (so that they can rent a car at KidZania), parcel delivering firms where children can earn KidZos by delivering the parcels, cold drink bottling plants and all other daily life works through which the children can earn their salaries.

This attraction is a perfect place if you want to teach your children how to survive in the real world independently. Parents of children over 120 cm in height can leave their children in KidZania, safe in the knowledge that they are unable to leave without them (smaller children require supervision). Parents that choose to enter the attraction can either observe them experiencing the activities or relax in the parent’s lounge.

KidZania is open every day of the week. Opening hours are Sunday to Wednesday, 9 am to 10 pm, Thursday 9 am to midnight, and Friday and Saturday 10 am to midnight.  From its unique concept and design to flawless execution and entertainment value, the interactive edutainment center is something you cannot afford to miss the next time you plan a trip to Dubai Kidzania is a place where your children can learn and play simultaneously. Known as one of the best family experiences in Dubai, Kidzania is providing a platform where the kids will get the most exciting way of education.

Real’ facilities include ATMs, toilets, first aid rooms, and some food and beverage outlets where the real money is required (McDonald’s, Baskin Robbins, Pizza Express, Dunkin Donuts, and Pronto Café. KidZania is located on the 2nd floor of the Dubai Mall, close to Reel Cinemas. The nearest car park is the Cinema Parking area. Whether you live in Dubai and are looking for a great way to beat the heat, or for tourists looking for fun activities during a Dubai stopover, grab your boarding passes and get ready to learn some new lingo as we take you on a tour of the KidZania Edutainment world.

Then what are you looking for? Plan your trip to Kidzania along with your kids and friends for having unlimited fun so, have a wonderful tour to Dubai!

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