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Dubai is the most top city in the world which is famous for tourist and people comes to visit the beautiful and stunning man-made buildings from all over the world. And most of the economy depends on tourism. There are many luxury hotels, Apartments for the visitors where they can stay during the tour to Dubai. Jewel of the creek will be one of them. The jewel of the creek in Dubai includes hotels, Apartments, Offices, and conference centers. It will be the complete landmark tourist destination that adds value and prominence to the city of Dubai. You will be amazed to see how Dubai transformed its land from sandy desert to Amazing Buildings. Here are some important things you need to know about the Jewel of the creek in Dubai.


In phase one the five towers were topped out in February 2016. This includes Rhoda hotel and other four services apartments which need to be delivered in august 2017. There includes 389-rooms, non-alcoholic hotels, A 445- rooms with a four-star fashion hotel and the 405-three star rooms, plug and play hotel, and the Dubai doom in phase 2. These phases need to be completed in August 2018 and then only the final phase left which includes waterfronts chalets which should be completed in 2019.


The other thing to know about the jewel of the creek is the location. No doubt, Location plays an important role. The jewel of the Creek is a prominent landmark situated in the heart of Dubai.  And located on the shores of Dubai creek Near Al Maktoum Bridge near Dubai international airport. This is one of the prestigious projects in Dubai. The location is very suitable for all the visitors and for locals who also have a large parking space for all the people which come and visit the jewel of the creek.


The mid-rise of the 17th floor is constructed which the use of advanced technologies. The glazing of the exterior reflects the sky, the creek, and the sun glare which create the precious look of a real jewel. On the other, through the panoramic windows, the visitors can witness the scenery. According to the members of the architectural designs, the building complex reflects the light wave of the creek. And smooth streamed lines repeat the blend of the complex, the beautiful balconies on each floor and the arcade resembles ripple in the water. You can witness the beauty through the windows and large balconies are the best place for pleasant conversations.


The next thing is about the interior of the complex. Kiefer and partner with Kling consultants have together acquired this project. The master plan is designed according to location which reflects the wave and steady movement of the creeks. The complex consists of 1500 luxurious apartments of different sizes, there is also a place for a walk and different games for children. There are also a pedestrian bridge and a bridge for transport. Arab people live a healthy and luxurious lifestyle, and they also want a sports club and swimming pool. There will also a promenade coastal which will be a great place for walking. There is a large place for parking with approximately 6400 meters of space and a marina for 80 moorings. There will be an event area in which 2000 people can easily accommodate for a special event. This will be a unique development in the city. The main entrance of this complex will be a nine-meter wide tunnel.


There is a cheer park which takes 5 minutes to go there, park Hayat takes 8 minutes, Golf club is 12 minutes away. There are many schools, hospitals, universities, medical shops, and every facility is available there for the people who stay in the jewel of the creek. If we talk about the famous attractions like Palm Jumeirah is approximately 25 minutes’ drive, Dubai mall takes 14 minutes, Dubai international airport is 22 minutes away from the jewel of the creek, And Burj al Arab takes a half-hour drive. Visitors can enjoy full life there and you can never forget the life that you spend in the complex. And you will be amazed to see how much Dubai developed. There is a huge difference between past Dubai and the present Dubai.


You can get there by bus, metro, and personal car. Long-distance travelers can get to Dubai international airport in just 10 minutes and another airport in just 8 minutes. There is also a bus stop of route 11A, 22, 23, C01, C10, C14 in approximately 500 m. There is a ramp near sheik Rashid road. You can also choose the Seaswings seaplanes tours that are 13 minutes away. That totally depends on you which route you choose to get there. It will be an amazing tour and you will never forget it.


According to news, Dubai’s jewel of the creek is set to complete the first half of 2019, Some of the hotels will be opened in 2020 and others will be opened after 1 year, it is not announced by the authority yet.


Each floor has various sizes of apartments with high ceilings, top-level finishing materials, and luxury interiors which defines the lifestyle of the complex. And large panoramic windows and balconies on each floor. You can enjoy the views of the sunset from the windows.

Note: In this pandemic situation you have to follow some rules and regulations, wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, sanitizing hands properly is compulsory. Otherwise, you have to pay a heavy fine. This is important for your health and wellbeing of your family. And you will enjoy yourself there a lot with your friends, family members, and special ones. And this will be a memorable tour, try to visit the jewel of the creek once in a lifetime. And you can explore the beauty of Dubai throughout the visit.

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