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Dubai as we all know considered as City Of Joy. As Dubai have many attraction or it is not wrong to say that it can be called as Center Of Attraction! Dubai attractions consists Burj Khalifa, Burj Arab, Underwater Zoo and many many more!  Dubai has changed a lot in the past 50 years. It essentially went from desert to one of the most futuristic cities on the planet. Naturally when you think of Dubai you automatically associate it with money. We’re in the world’s only seven-star hotel right now. Legend has it that everything in this hotel that looks gold is made of real gold. But how much does it cost to live in Dubai? Whenever I see these kinds of videos, I feel like everyone leaves out the most interesting bit which is the actual money, the actual numbers. So, I’m going to be doing my best to kind of break this down with numerical figures. Before we get into the actual expenses, there’s two things that I want to discuss. Number one is that there’s a 0% income tax in Dubai, which means if you’re offered $3,000 a month you get $3,000 a month.

Number two is that in Dubai, it’s mandatory for your employer to cover your healthcare. So, I know that for example in the States its super crazy right now. Healthcare can be super expensive. Here’s healthcare isn’t free, but it’s kind of free. Basically, you can’t get a job if you don’t have your healthcare covered. Having said that, I have a $50 per month international health insurance back in Spain just in case. Obviously, in Dubai there’s a very wide range of income. I’m going to be trying to explain the cost for a younger person, someone that’s somewhat on a budget. Someone that represents the average guy. I’m also not going to go into visas and flights because everywhere around the world is going to be completely different, but I do know that for Europeans it’s particularly easier than for, let’s say, Americans or South Americans to get into Dubai. In case you’re wondering, if you’re European you have a free three-month tourist visa to Dubai. You can literally go to Dubai for 90 days for free.

The most expensive part of Dubai is accommodation. what do you think is, like, the cheapest rent for something decent? I would say that mainly what you’re going to spend would be around $750, and that will be for a shared accommodation. At the very least, if you share a flat with someone, accommodation is going to cost you around $750 per month. If you want your own flat, that number immediately goes up to around $1,400 to maybe $2,000 on average. It’s also important to know that if you do have your own flat here, they ask for three to four months in advance every time. You pay every three months. The rent here may be bit expensive but in general you get some pretty good views and facilities in each tower. Most towers do come with a gym and a pool on the rooftop, or somewhere in between.

Buying a car and gas here is extremely cheap. For example, how much does it cost you to fill up your Range Rover? – It’s going to cost me around $25. – And in my case, it’s only $15. I just recently bought a 2014 Mitsubishi for around $5,500. There’s such a high turnover with the vehicles in Dubai that what ends up happening is that the price in general just goes down. If you buy a car, that’s… Yeah, there’s no way of putting this into numbers. But you will spend a lot less here then you would in other countries for buying a car.

Dubai is, by far, the most economical place that I’ve ever lived in. But I also have to say that the quality of life here is much, much higher. Crime rate is essentially 0%. If you leave an iPhone on a bench in the middle of the street and you leave for three hours, there’s a solid chance that when you come back three hours later that phone is still there on the bench. Nobody will take it. A lot of people here park their motorcycles with the helmet on top of the mirror, not locked or anything. They go shopping and do what they need to do, come back an hour later and the helmet is still there.

So wants to plan a trip to Dubai with such economical cost? YES, you can! Have Fun.

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