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Dubai Dolphinarium is the home to a variety of UAE’s most friendly and fantastic indoor family recreation and is currently one of the foremost idolized and eye-catching traveler attractions. Dubai Dolphinarium is the 1st totally air-conditioned indoor dolphinarium in the Middle East.

It has facilities which houses dolphins and seals, permitting the general public to look at and move with them through live shows and picture sessions. It’s placed within the creek aspect park at Bur Dubai close to the Children’s town. Dubai Dolphinarium was opened in 2008 by Dubai Municipality, and is sponsored and supported by Dubai government to produce the overall public with amusement and conjointly educate them relating to dolphins, seals, and different marine organisms.

It absolutely was conjointly mirrored that interacting with such friendly mammals like dolphins can inspire the young generation to guard marine life and also the atmosphere. Dubai Dolphinarium is 5000-square-meter (54,000 sq ft) trendy marine facility with around 1250 capaciousness. The Dolphins have their own personal habitat space with 160,000 United States gal of ocean water connected to most of the arena pool. There’s a separate medical pool and seal pool made for the purpose of pursuing the best health of those marine mammals.

So are you trying to find things to try in Dubai Dolphinarium? You can enjoy the Dolphin and Seal Show. The Dolphinarium complex also facilitates the space for youngsters’ activities, birthday parties for teenagers, faculty field visits, trampoline, swim with dolphins, mirror maze, bird show, an eating place providing fast and fun meals for teenagers and a mini 5-D & 7D cinema theater. Here you can watch the surprisingly amazing performance of dolphins & seals in UAE’s solely Dolphin Show. And can also Experience one of the best journeys of life with Majestic Dolphin Swim of Dolphin Planet. Let’s swim with wonderful dolphins on a very intimate level. You can relish a fin tow or belly ride furthermore as having the liberty to hug, & dance with these friendly and loving mammals. You can connect yourself to your dolphin through kisses, hugs, dance & high energy behaviors.

You can have all the fun, all under one roof with totally air-conditioned indoor facilities. Here you can experience wonderful and memorable quality time with your family as Dubai Dolphinarium brings one amongst the foremost fascinating indoor attraction in UAE. If you are looking to spend some good time with your friends and family then you simply can’t miss this attraction.  As they not only ensure a safe and comfortable environment but there they also offer the best rates and facilities appropriate for all ages. As one of the most beautiful attractions in UAE. They provide a range of shows ever to be seen on stage which amazes and surprise the audience with their endearing dolphins, mischievous seals, and colorful birds. There is no need to worry as you will be under the steering of professional trainers, these professionals, and cooperative trainers will be very much delighted to inform you additional information regarding the dolphin’s behaviors, it is assured totally safe for all swimmers. Any visit to Dubai would be so incomplete without trip to Dolphinarium Dolphin Show.

There are some key features of this wonder land that

  • Wet interaction in deep water
  • Suitable for children from 5 years old
  • Have you ever seen a dolphin and a seal playing live?
  • If no then don’t miss the chance to be amazed by these endearing ocean creatures. You can watch these mammals as they showcase their skills & do unimaginable stunts solely in Dubai Dolphinarium – Dolphin & Seal Show. 45-minute indoor interactive amusement showcases these wonderful animals’ astounding skills. One can bet that you will be totally surprised and shocked because the dolphins and seals dance, sing, juggle, play ball, jump through hoops and even perform their own masterpiece!
  • You just cannot afford to miss the sole Dolphin & Seal Show. You will always remember this lifetime experience of this distinctive indoor dolphin fun with your family & friends

So now question of the time that what to do in Dubai in summer is being solved! Enjoy along with your family at trip to Dubai!


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