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One of the world’s biggest, fully air-conditioned indoor theme parks, Warner Bros. World™ Abu Dhabi houses every legendary and superhero character that one can imagine. This attraction brings back your childhood memories. From Superman to Batman and Wonder Woman to beloved cartoon stars like Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo, and Fred Flintstone, all and more are housed within the 1.65 million sq. ft. This theme park has 29 world-class rides, attractions just for families, live entertainment shows, multiple and versatile dining options and exclusive outlets for its visitors.

The mysterious and magical adventure initiates as soon as visitors step into the Warner Bros. shield. The visitors are literally teleported to different worlds filled with action and adventure. Each portal, with its scenic backdrops and authentically themed restaurants, is exactly how you imagined these enchanting Warner Bros. Worlds would be. The park occupies the area of about 1.65 million square feet which is composed of five different and unique adventurous lands. Metropolis; Gotham City; Cartoon Junction; Dynamite Gulch and Bedrock. They are separated from Central Warner Bros plaza. Here the visitors can enjoy the wall projected films, this area always remains buzzed off with restaurant and shop visitors. Some of these shops sell merchandise specifically designed for Warner Bros World.

This is your guide to the rides, the food, the family fun and more. Gotham City’s take on the classic fairground funhouse sees visitors enter via a traditional mirror maze, with the added bonus of a soundtrack of The Joker himself taunting his lost victims. Once you’ve negotiated that hurdle, you’ll follow a trail of physical and mental challenges, from optical illusions to moving ladders and physical obstacles until you eventually escape The Joker’s clutches via a tube slide. The warning sign at the entrance mentions that those with heart conditions and bad backs should give the ride a miss. Some of the challenges are surprisingly physical, although a lift or staircase option is generally available as an alternative.

A surprisingly grown-up ride in the heart of the cartoon-themed kiddie section of the park, Fast and Furry-ous sees riders take on the role of Wile E Coyote and get the first-hand experience of their childhood show when coyote runs in order to catch roadrunner through southwest desert. Riders are strapped into a car hanging under the track with their legs hanging free below, and are fired around a series of loops, banks turns and drops with the desert’s rocks and random pieces of Road Runner-themed furniture often seeming way too close for comfort. Cartoon Junction is the place for families with young children (toddlers up to about six). If you have multiple kids you know how hard it is to cater for different age spans, and Warner Bros has created a largely separate area combining rides and soft-play areas for when the kids are bored of queueing or just need to run around by themselves. One of the soft-play areas is for one- to two-year-olds, and its proximity to the rides lets you watch over the little ones while still keeping an eye on the others. The rides here are good, too posh versions of fairground favorites.

After this experience, It is highly recommended to have trip to Warner Bros World. Then what are you looking for? Plan your tour to Dubai and have fun with your kids!

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