Dive Into the Sand: The Desert Safari Adventure 2024

Desert Safari Adventure
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Desert Safari is a must-visit spot in Dubai. It has mind-blowing and energetic activities to offer. Several companies offer you a great and comfortable Desert Safari tour; one of the best adventure tour operators is “Adventure Heights Tourism.” They offer you an incredible and remarkable tour adventure in the desert. They pick you up from your residence or stay and drop you back after the fun adventure ends. 

They claim to be the best travel operators who are there 24/7 at the customer service. There are many other travel operators; guests pick their travel service company of choice that seems suitable to them. Desert Safari provides you with remarkable and unforgettable memories you keep with you for a long. There are incredible sets of activities inside the desert, such as dune bashing, camel and horse riding, quad bike experience, and many others. The travel journey starts from your pick-up location. 

Before entering the desert safari, you pass by a local road where there are certain shops to buy refreshments and snacks before the journey starts.

You can also visit shops where they display local wear from Dubai. Most of the people tie head scarves to look like locals. There are gift shops where you can get typical Arabic key chains, fridge magnets representing Dubai, many art pieces, and many more varieties to explore. After you finish the refreshment part, head towards your desert tour. But before entering the desert Safari, your car instructor deflates the wheels so you can have a safe and sound dune bashing. 

Dubai desert never excites you, as all the activities here are thrilling and energetic. Here, you can enjoy live shows, camping, starling sky, and an Arabic dinner with both options, veg and nonveg. 

1: Desert Safari

Dune-bashing is one of the most thrilling and unbelievable experiences in this vast desert of Dubai. Desert Safari has made dune bashing safe yet adventurous. Get yourself ready for an adrenaline pumping as you glide the dunes. This experience lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. The cars perfectly fulfill the purpose of dune rides.

 Safety rods are moved inside the vehicle to protect you during the thrilling and rough experience. They have designed 4×4 vehicles like land cruisers for the dune experience. The drivers are highly trained for dune driving. The priority is your safety, and the second is an exciting drive. Passengers must wear seat belts to prevent themselves from getting hurt while driving over the steep slopes of the desert Safari. 

The best time to go for a dune ride is in winter when there is a pleasant temperature to avoid the scorching weather in the summer. But if you visit in summer, take some essential things for the tour. Take water bottles with you to stay hydrated inside the hot desert. Also, use sunscreen and sunglasses with hats to protect yourself from the sun’s burning rays.

Moreover, the sand in summer is scorching, so to prevent your feet from getting burned, you should wear comfortable joggers. Dubai allows you to explore incredible places, and Desert Safari is one of them, where you can drift into the dunes like never before. You can make stunning slow-motion videos while experiencing dunes for your social media content to inspire your followers. Going for dune bashing with your friends is so fun to try. There are many other activities inside the tour to try.

2: Quad Bikes 

Another thrilling and adventurous activity to enjoy inside the desert safari is quad biking. There are several quad bikes to have fun riding on. These bikes are four-wheeled to maintain a balance on dunes. It would help if you rent a quad bike to explore the vast desert at your own pace. It is one of the best adventures on which you can capture stunning and fantastic pictures. Sitting on one quad bike is always exciting. Motor controllers have purposely reduced the energy level of the quad bikes so that they do not collapse and hurt you.

The motor experts first guide you about the vehicle and how to ride it. After you are done with the instructing session and ready to go for a thrilling ride, they hand over the car to you. They also provide gear and helmets to keep you protected. The period offered to you depends on the tour operators. 

There are different packages with specific time limits; those who want to explore the desert in more depth can go for a higher-priced package, while others who wish to experience the quad bike can select a budget-friendly package. The quad biking session starts with a time limit of about 30 minutes. 

These instructions include age and weight restrictions; if you are lighter than the weight allowed for the ride, then you cannot go for a ride because you won’t be able to control your balance on the bike while taking turns on the sand slopes which will make you fall from the running bike and it can hurt you. So, for safety purposes, you are not allowed to ride, but you can ride with a partner to maintain the balance. 

Several tour holders allow a complete package of quad biking along with other activities like sand surfing and camel riding; such combined packages are convenient for those who want to try everything inside the desert. But people who want to skip some activities should go for a single package. You can race and challenge with your family or friends during quad biking. 

3: Sand Surfing 

Surfing on the water is old now; come to Dubai and experience sand surfing, where you won’t drown in the seawater. Grab a board and slide down into soft sand where you won’t get hurt. Sliding down from a heightened sand slope gives you butterflies in your stomach, but it is fun and exciting to experience it in the desert. You can also have a safe surfing race with your friends in this activity. 

The boards which they offer you are to slide on sand slopes. These surfing boards have foot grippers attached, supporting your feet while surfing. People who enjoy working out and don’t like skipping their gym can have a workout experience here. Climbing up to the high dunes of sand utilizes a lot of body energy to make you reach there, which is equal to a gym exercise. The whole experience is worth trying, where you can capture beautiful moments while surfing to share with your family and friends. 

4: Camel and Horse Riding 

What is a desert tour without a camel ride? Desert Safari also offers you a fantastic ride on camels and horses. Camel riding in the desert is fun; these beautiful camels are very friendly and allow you to sit on them without getting furious. Their instructors train them. Here at Desert Safari, they offer different riding packages with varying time limits. People who want to explore the desert from sitting at the top of the camel can choose between several offers. 

There is a camel guide with the camel till the ride ends. They are there to lead the camel. If you are experiencing a camel ride, you should take advantage of every chance to grab a stunning picture with your desert friend, a camel. Treat these beautiful animals kindly while having a desert tour. Other than camels, you can also have the option of horse riding. Those scared to sit on a camel can go with the horse riding experience. 

5: Falconry 

Falcons are a significant attraction inside the desert safari. These falcons are trained by their instructors not to harm visitors. Falcons hold great respect in the culture of Dubai. Desert Safari offers an incredible show of falcons in their packages, where one can explore interesting facts about this bird. This extraordinary bird is known as the brave hunter bird. 

You can capture beautiful pictures with falcons while holding them in your hands. They provide you with leather gloves to have falcons for safety purposes. You are not allowed to make loud noises and swift movements because they can trigger the bird, which may get frightened. 

6: Sunset 

Sunset in desert safari is one of the most famous tourist attractions for which people come to visit the desert. The sunset scene changes the color of the sand, which is beautiful to experience. People who love capturing pictures of sunsets and sunrises can come here and gather some eye-appealing and Instagram-worthy clicks. One could always enjoy viewing the sunset; for some people, watching the sunset is a hobby. Sunset in desert safari also cools down the hot desert’s temperature and atmosphere, which feels good after spending a whole day in the sun. 

7: Live Entertainment Shows

After experiencing all the fun activities, you can enjoy night live shows. These shows include Tanoura dance, belly dance, traditional Arabic music, and fire show. They also give you free henna printing. 

8: Tanoura dance 

It is a fascinating dance performance displayed by a male dancer wearing a beautiful and colorful dress with lights indulged in. He is wearing a skirt that spreads while he spins. This dance is a cultural Sufi dance. Tourists find this dance attractive and enjoy it a lot. The dancer also holds some designed props to fascinate the viewers. Tanoura dance is also known as folkloric dance, which is rich in culture. 

9: Fire show

Fire show is another thrilling and scary live experience offered by the desert safari. The stuntman who performs several fire tricks is fully trained and knows how to keep himself safe from fire. This performance features fire dancing, fire inhalation, and fire eating. This fire show creates a sense of fear and thrill at the same time. Visitors love this fire show the most. 

10: Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is one of Middle Eastern culture’s most famous dances. It is another main attraction for the tourist to explore here. People from far countries come for this incredible dance. 

11: Delicious Cuisines 

Your thrilling adventure in the desert safari ends with a delicious dinner. BBQ is one of the top items on the menu, which is a must-try. Dubai is known for its delectable cuisines, and eating in Dubai never disappoints you in taste. There is an option in the food menu for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. You will get various meat products such as chicken, lamb, beef, and fish. They have four to five kinds of salad platters prepared for you. Hummus is also on the menu card for people who love to eat healthy food. 

The whole atmosphere at this time is cold and cozy. Dubai’s desert safari is best known for its starling skies at night, for which people usually book overnight packages to gaze at the sky full of stars from their camps. Star gazing is a magical experience.

 It allows you to appreciate nature and its beauty. People who want an escape from a buzzing routine can come here to experience peace and nature to relax their minds. In contrast, the people who don’t want to spend a night on desert safari are dropped back at their residences safe and sound by the same driving master who picks them up for the tour. The whole desert safari tour was exciting and fun. It is a must-visit spot in Dubai that people should be aware of, especially in winter. 

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