Al Montazah Park- A Wonderful Family Time Expereince

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Whether you are traveling abroad or looking for somewhere close to home, then finding a place that is great fun for families with young children can be challenging. Al Montazah Parks is located just a few minutes’ drive away from Dubai. This park is quite famous among the tourists as it offers incredible entertainment for the entire family. A first of its kind in the Emirates, Al Montazah combines Pearls Kingdom Water Park & Island of Legends Amusement Park.

Thrill-seekers can test their skills on the high ropes course, toddlers can cool off in the lagoon playgrounds and Dad can make a splash on the water slides. There really is so much to do for everyone in the family. Because of the hot temperatures in Dubai, the tourists can’t wait to check out Pearls Kingdom Water Park, especially with all the pools and slides for toddlers. Al Montazah Parks is only 20 minutes’ drive from Dubai Airport and it would take you just over 30 minutes from Arabian Ranches on the other side of Dubai. There is free parking at the park. The Water Park is designed around the story of the “Pearl of knowledge” and the adventurous search for this magical gem which would bring protection and wisdom to the Pearl Kingdom.

From the moment you walk through the giant gates, you are entering the adventurous world of magic carpet rides, giant octopuses and pirate ships. Whilst some water parks seem to target teenagers and young adults, Al Montazah is perfectly suited to families with young children. There is a huge variety of activities for kids of all different ages, from the smallest splash pools to the more adventurous water slides. In total, there are 36 different water slides – some are perfect for your kids and others, are designed for thrill-seekers. Whether you want to calmly float around the river on a rubber ring or explore the lagoon playground, you will find it impossible to get bored.

Kids’ all-time favorite is the Kid’s Galaxy – a lagoon with small water slides, fountains and rope ladders. It is like a playground in the water where kids can safely get confidence with moving water and small slides. Kid’s Galaxy is perfect for toddlers (up to 140cm). The children also enjoy the Kid’s Sea – which anyone would think had a lot to do with it having a dinosaur water slide.

The Kid’s Sea is a little calmer and quieter with some gentler slide for smaller ones.  The kids love to spend a lot of time in The Great Oasis – a clean, calm lagoon open to all ages. Whilst the kids enjoy the slides, they also love making their own splashes in the pool. Parents and slightly older children (over 80cm) can float along the Mystery River which runs through Pearl’s Kingdom. It starts and finishes in the Great Oasis. For adults. They also love to spend quite a bit of time flying down the water slides of The Fort. There are 4 slides, depending on your height and adventure level. The tourists usually want to go on all of them and they’re all great! For the more daring, The King’s Palace water slides are steeper and faster! These are a must!

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