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Discover the wonders of a tropical forest at The Green Planet, a bio-dome that invites visitors to explore our planet’s fascinating flora and fauna through an immersive expedition into the tropics. Dubai green planet is designed as a totally indoor ecosystem, it creates a beautiful and breathtaking world of greenery and tropical forests having more than 3000 animals and plants, which makes it the largest sustainable and man-made indoor ecosystem.

The educational and recreational facility is set to raise awareness about nature’s delicate balance and the preciousness of one of our world’s oldest living ecosystems. The green planet is the world’s biggest indoor tropical rainforest. It boasts 3000 kinds of plants and animals. The green planet is the accomplishment of Dubai’s mission of building a sanctuary for flora and fauna.

One of the most eye-catching and interesting features of these attractions is the environment in bio-dome. Ramboll’s MEP team re-created the characteristics of a natural environment experienced in the heart of the deepest rainforests. This attraction was indeed a hard one to build and had many challenges and so it was crucial that the MEP design met the overall design elements for the living museum and that it incorporated the external landscape and hardscape so that the controlled environment ensures that the live rainforest plants, birds, and animals flourish.

To create a controlled and conducive environment, The MEP team had to model the bio-dome with an engineered solution developed to allow for a control environment and interconnection for the public from the more normal air-conditioned spaces. The building team also had to consider the size of the building which has a built-up area of 4,365 sqm as well as the fact that the building has a 30m by 30m cube over a single basement, with three sides concrete, the fourth side glazed facade, and an atrium roof. Environmental parameters in the bio-dome have been designed specifically to maintain the plants and wildlife, with humidity set at 70 percent and temperatures between 25°C and 28°C. The main aim of this attraction is to educate its visitors about tropical forests and their vitality in the future.

In this attraction, Dubai exposes the people to totally another world within the glass dome. Responsibly sourced species include sloths, snakes, spiders and a vast array of birds. Appealing to visitors of all ages, this spot is perfect for a family outing. The dome of the tree is comprised of a total four levels first one is the canopy second one is the Midstory the third one is Forst floor and the last one is the flooded rainforest. Each level discusses the role and the importance of every part of a rainforest plays.

The green planet is a lifetime experience with beautiful waterfalls, greenery, and creatures roaming around majestic rainforests. Individual tickets are available to purchase with separate prices for adults and children, as well as multipass tickets. Bookings for groups of 15 or more are also available. Located at one of Dubai’s most popular lifestyle districts, City Walk, The Green Planet is situated amongst a range of eateries to enjoy before or after your rainforest adventure.

So these are the places that you can explore in The Green Planet then what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Dubai and have fun!

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