5 the most enjoyable place to drive around Dubai, UAE

  Seeing Dubai is one quality time of every people who once visit here, and everyone love to come here again and again due to its attractiveness and secureness. Instead of watching any other place, you have to try Dubai once and get all your values back with such amazing moments. Here are 5 places ..

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How to Enjoy a Romantic Dinner Under the Stars: Dubai Marina

Many travelers enjoy Dubai for holiday or for brief stopovers while they travel to other destinations.  Dubai is world-famous for its food, luxury shopping, and of course everyone loves the Gold Souk and its delightful wares.  What if you have something more intimate in mind?  Have you ever considered honeymooning or booking your next romantic ..

Beyond the Realms of Simply Listening to Music: Dubai Marina Music Festival

One of the best and most interesting music festivals in the world is celebrated in Dubai on the Marina Mall.  Since 2010, the Dubai Marina Music Festival has been thrilling music lovers, children, and experimental music lovers with a festive atmosphere, great food, wonderful music, and one of the most innovative and immersive music experiences ..

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