Why a Desert Safari Should be on your Dubai To-Do List

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Anyone who has ever visited Dubai—even in a virtual, online situation—knows that once you get away from the beaches and the inner parts of the city, Dubai is mostly desert.  What sounds unexciting, however, is simply a new form of adventure, just waiting for you to come and visit Dubai Desert Safari!  Here are some of the reasons why you should put a desert safari on your Dubai to-do list!


Most desert tours will take you over and across the dunes, and you may even be allowed to walk around to a little while on one, but some will allow for what is known as dune-bashing, where groups get into a 4 x 4 vehicle and cruise around the sand dunes!  Make sure you strap in, because this ride is fun—but rough, too!


Sand Ski

Cruise down the dunes on a ski board!  Anyone can ski in the sand, no matter what their athletic abilities!  Because the sand is soft, you won’t get hurt if you fall down.  Lots of people love to snowboard, but sand-boarding is one activity you don’t want to miss!

Bring Your Cameras

Most tours happen in the later afternoon and carry into the evening, so make sure you bring a camera to take some of the most beautiful pictures of sunsets you’ll ever witness.  Desert safaris are a must for photographers not only for the sunsets, but the vegetation and insects that you can only see in Dubai!

Getting Up Close with Camels

When people think of the Arabian desert, camels are often the first animals that come to mind.  Visit a camel farm where you can pet them, take a ride on one, feed one, and get to know these desert animals up-close and personal!  The stories about their tempers aren’t necessarily true, but the spitting is, so be careful!  Camel rides are one of the best ways to witness the setting sun in the desert, and you’ll have to perfect vantage point for some of the most memorable photography you could ever create!

Belly-Dancing and Other Entertainment

You’ll spend part of your evening watching the sun set across the dunes, where you will be able to take pictures, enjoy fresh local barbecue, and enjoy an evening of music and belly-dancing under the stars.  There’s a full evening’s worth of fun entertainment in the desert that you can’t experience anywhere else in the world.


You can only experience a true desert safari experience in Dubai, so book your trip today!


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