Picnics Not To Be Missed In Dubai

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The wintertime of the year is a wonderful time of the year for those who love to picnic, you can pack your lunch and fulfill your picnic craving in Dubai. Can’t explain why sandwiches always taste better when they’ve been in a lunchbox for a couple of hours, but they do. So, while the weather is gorgeous, Wrapped up the best places in Dubai for you to shake off that blanket, get out the cheese and pickle sangers and bust open that punnet of strawberries.

Al Barsha Pond Park
Home to countless winter picnics, this (unsurprisingly) pond-side spot is a brilliant spot to unfurl your blanky and kick back for the afternoon. There’s a huge lawn overlooking the pond – which is more lake-sized than pond-sized, really – and once you’re done scoffing your cherry tomatoes and piccalilli you can go and hop on a swan-shaped pedalo and hare your way around the pond-lake. It’s a beautiful spot for a winter’s afternoon spent in the sun.

Al Khazzan Park
Al Khazzan Park is not only a beautiful park but it is also very much energy efficient one as it is the first park in the UAE to be entirely solar-powered. How about that? This spot found directly opposite City Walk, is wildly popular with parents and kids alike, thanks to its two playgrounds, a mini-cycle path for the little ones and plenty of hills for roly-polies and sunshine frolics.

Burj Park
How about stuffing a picnic hamper full of lovely grub and setting down for the afternoon in front of the Burj Khalifa? We can’t think of many more scenic spots around, because not only can you sit and gawk at the world’s tallest tower, but you will also be able to sit and enjoy the beautiful and majestic view of The Dubai Fountain and The Dubai Mall, so this is one of the perfect views in Dubai to spend your evening with some of the most magnificent views around. It’s also home to the odd gig from where you can rent bikes to burn off the calories from those cheese scones.

Creekside Park
A lovely spot from which to admire Dubai Creek – and an equally lovely spot for settling on down with a hamper and nibbling away at some carrot sticks and hummus. In the shadow (not literally) of the Dubai Dolphinarium, you can get your kicks from the aquatic critters residing next door, then take a ride on the cable car through the park, before downing tools and grabbing a bite to eat, and soaking up some vitamin D.

JLT Park
There aren’t many neighborhoods in the world where you’ll find a sprawling community park snaking out between skyscrapers. But that’s what you’ll find at JLT Park, where on any given day you’ll find joggers hitting the track, ballers shooting some hoops, exercisers grappling with the free-to-use equipment, cricketers cricketing, fountain fans admiring fountains and picnickers.

Ripe Market at Police Academy Park.
If you head to Ripe Market at the weekends, you can trawl through some homemade handicrafts – jewelry, knick-knacks, decorations and the like – as well as second-hand books, toys, games, clothes and more. This place is awesome but the perk which makes it different from the others is the fresh food merchantin my opinion. If you haven’t packed your own picnic, you can grab loads of fresh grub – whether it’s from one of the food trucks, the vendors selling fresh fruit and vegetables, or the clean-living baker.

These are the family spots which you can visit while having your tour to Dubai you and and your family will enjoy alot! So what are you waiting for you.

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