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If you are in Dubai then don’t forget to visit the La Perle Dubai. Dancers rising from the shadows of the stage, emerging from within smoky corners. Acrobats flying gracefully into the air, sheathed in glitter and color. Golden orbs and imaginative lights, daring dives into swimming pools and impossible leaps from heart-stopping heights and La Perle Dubai brings you this, and much more, promising to leave you on the edge of your seat. The atmosphere that engulfs the audience at La Perle Dubai is one of intense drama and action, and is likely to transport you away from the dunes of Dubai into a world of magic and wonder. It is inspired by Dubai, a place that Dragone refers to as the “laboratory of the future,” the grand production fuses the finest in artistic performance, creative imagery and brilliant technology. Here’s what to expect at La Perle.

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 You Must Visit La Perle Dubai

During the show, you’ll be able to get mesmerizing by the live performance of 65 world-class actors and artists, who are well-known for their extraordinary, stunning, and breathtaking stunts like diving, flying, acrobatics, and many more.

Although Las Vegas, New York, and London have their fair share of musicals and shows, La Perle Dubai is unique, not only because of its presence in Dubai a country known for its luxurious shopping, skyscrapers, and sand dunes, but also because it is the city’s first resident live show. Director Franco Dragone, who called La Perle ‘a new kind of theatre’, spared no expense in his casting of the show, which hosts 65 artists from across 23 different countries, each with their own special talents, be it skydiving, aquatics, acrobatics, or acting. La Perle Dubai is hosted by Al Habtoor City in a special theatre designed specifically for the show. La Perle Dubai is hosted by Al Habtoor City in a special theatre designed specifically for the show. Be prepared to be amazed by 90 minutes of courageous dives into the on-stage pool, flying acts as quick at 15 km/h, and lighting systems that may leave you breathless for more!

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Why it’s So Known?

La Perle by Dragone Dubai is one of the best live-performance shows in the world, bringing you the ultimate fusion of artistic performances, imagery, and technology. This show replicates Dubai’s rich culture, followed its glorious present and aspiring future. One can be embedded with the performers as the 270-degree seating provides a wide-angle and a different perspective of the action that unfolds the specially-built aqua theatre. Hence, this one-of-a-kind experience is sure to fulfil your thirst for excitement and make your visit completely worth. In addition, this performance is embraced by all age-groups that makes it more famous than ever.


For this mind-blowing entertainment show, there are totally 65 international artists there. Each artist is professionally-trained and attained mastery in every movement of every scene. After getting a continuous practice, they gain enough confidence and stamina to perform in front of hundreds and thousands of audiences. Thus, one is sure to mesmerize by the live performances of 65 world-class actors, who are popular for their exceptional, stunning, and extravagant performance and stunts like diving, flying, acrobatics, etc. Other than movie stunts, if you want to see some real stunt, come and jump into this La Perle By Dragone show.

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La Perle combines the spirit of Dubai with an iconic aqua-stage to deliver an unmissable spectacle in, on and above water. Located in the heart of Dubai at Al Habtoor City, La Perle is the region’s first resident show with its own purpose-built theater. The venue provides a one-of-a-kind experience for audience members as each seat guarantees a magnificent view of the show. Performers dive into the pool on stage and fly through the theatre at spectacular heights, creating a visually captivating experience. With just 14 rows in the 1,300-seat theater, the audience is up close to the action.

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Then what are you looking for? Plan your trip to La Perle Dubai for experience the something new!





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