Enjoy The Nice Quality Time With Family In Mattel Play Town Dubai

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The attraction of Dubai is increasing each day for the tourists. It has an ideal climatic condition for tourism. The temperatures are mild, and rainfall is low. Another reason is obvious because the people want to see the transformation from being a fishing settlement to a magnificent city. It has all the amenities and the infrastructure is fabulous. The city has seen the transient period and today it is a combination of the past and the modern world. Hence, you can get and enjoy both the flavors of life.

The tourists love to enjoy the heritage of every place and of course the new and modern technological development. It has its unique flavor of luxury and relaxation. When traveling with kids you must visit Mattel to play town without fail. You can easily avail of public transport like Light Rail, Bus or Metro to reach there. The Mattel play town in Dubai is an exciting place that has two activities. Here the experience is about an interactive play area that is also known as bio-dome Green Planet. If you visit this town, you will mostly find children of age from two to ten. Hence, it is completely a children’s zone and is very attractive. The children would love to play and experience recognized brands like Mattel. The Green Planet is all about the ecosystem.

This is an experience which is actually very informative for kids of that age. The children usually enjoy the visual effects of something that is informative. It becomes easy for them to memorize. This is one of the best experiences to know about the world’s oldest living ecosystems. The Mattel play town is a play area where there are interactive activities. The zones are unique as far as the playing activities are conducted. This town has only indoor activity for children of ages between 2 to 10. The attraction here is Edu-play interactive indoor game. The venue or the zone is made into a theme that has around five popular children characters.

The interesting part is that the kids get an experience to learn and engage in stimulating experiences around the recognized brands. The characters are like Barney, Thomas, and Friends, Fireman Sam, etc. This is considered to be an ideal destination for arts and crafts and where the children can explore their unlimited depths of imagination. Families can enjoy a fun day out with their kids at this indoor playground in the shopping district of City Walk. Mattel Play! Town offers five different zones to focus on the little one’s social skills and educational development.Through imaginative play and interactive activities, your kids can unleash their imagination through the variety of arts, craft and play at this safe and convenient location. Watch them laugh and squeal with delight as they interact with some of the most popular TV characters including Barney, Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder and Angelina Ballerina.

With hours and hours of interactive fun, your kids will truly develop their imagination while having the time of their lives with the characters and their friends. Mattel Play Town is an ideal place to visit with kids on the weekend and make it memorable for them. You can easily book a trip to Dubai with Clear trip in advance.

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