Enjoy The Nature At Zara Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi

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Zara Nurai is an island which is located just 10 minutes by boat from Saadiyat Island, which is also known as the little playground in Abu Dhabi. Visitors who visit the United Arab Emirates quite often are quite fond of this place as this area has low rise buildings and the views from the beaches are perfect to spend some quality time. In order to start your journey reach the Zara Nurai Welcome Center, from here you can get a car or taxi which is just 15 minutes away from Abu Dhabi city center. Here, boats depart every hour to the island.

The private island resort of Zaya Nurai Island is like something you’d imagine in the Maldives with its spectacular white sand and shimmering azure water. And this is what’s so surprising about Abu Dhabi – there are so many of these secret gems. Zaya Nurai Island was conceived to provide a sanctuary for extremely discerning individuals.

The founder sought to, and succeeded in, creating a truly nurturing living space to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. Zaya’s ethos is to encourage guests to relax, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in enjoying the beauty of life and prioritizing what really matters. It is highly recommended to get 10:30 am boat as you will be pretty much the first guest to get there and will have a pretty good choice of sun loungers.

This is important because there aren’t that many. The day passes really are limited and most hotel guests do stay in their own private beach/pools. The journey is very short and on arrival, one can feel a bit lost – depending on if there is a host there waiting for the boat, or not. The reception building may seem strange to you, there is no ‘grand entrance’. You literally have to find your way around a building through a side path. They have made sure to keep the noise pollution to the minimum extent here.

It is a guaranteed sanctuary for those who wish to seek silence and peace with all luxurious facilities. The name of Nurai Island was inspired by the Arabic word “nur” which means light”. Nurai Island is a stunning dream place that seems perfect for those who are always looking for peaceful quality time and that too complemented by unparalleled and uninterrupted Arabian Gulf views.

You can also find many other luxurious features too which include a unique island-like Zaya Nurai Island, private luxurious resorts with 32 beds, tasty and delicious food and beverage shops and many luxurious villa hotels. The dining options at Zaya include Nurai’s Terrace, Beach Burger, Latitude, Olive and Salare, and all outlets are open to residents and non-residents alike. But you might want to make your reservations in advance and always remember to include boat ride from and to the island. To finish the day really well, it is recommended that you make a spa appointment which is a 50-minute massage, its price is around £130 including tax. Their treatment rooms are beautiful and they have the Aqua di Parma full-sized toiletries where you can take nice showers in order to get rid of salt water and sand.

Then what are you looking for? Explore more with us! Have a trip to Abu Dhabi and have fun!

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