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Mall of Emirates
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Dubai never seems to stop when it comes to amusing the tourists from its spectacular infrastructure.  Trust me, it’s a heaven for shopaholics who flock to this oil-rich Emirati state to satisfy their thirst for shopping. How can we forget the Mall of Emirates? The massive mall is home of over 500 retails ranging from popular street fashion to luxurious brands. However, the place has even more to offer other than shopping. Curious already? Here you go!

Experience Ziplining in Icy Environment

A man holding shopping bags like a slave and walking behind a super excited lady is a spectacle that can be seen in every shopping mall.  Take your lady to Mall of Emirates so you enjoy Ziplining in subzero temperature when she is buying her favorite outfits.

A 150m long zipline is suspended above the slopes and snowpark. Fly 16m meter above the ground and get a feel of a superhero. Also, take your kids with you to multiply the excitement level.

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Meet and Greet Cute Penguins

Dubai is a city free from limitations. Don’t raise brows as you won’t be able to disagree with me anymore the moment you will find penguins in a city famous for its desert. Three sweet penguins named Cuddly, Pumpkin, and Bubbles are present in Mall of Emirates which cherish tourists from their cuddly and cute acts.

Learn Snowboarding Lessons from Experts

Whether you are a beginner or a seasonal snowboarder, Mall of Emirates gives you a chance to learn more about your favorite sport. Experienced trainers give valuable lessons and techniques in different packages. Kids can also take part in this thrilling activity if their age is above 3 while the Ski School stays open from 12pm to 10-pm.

Dubai Mall of Emirates activities inspire every individual and the best thing about them is the maximum safety. Don’t miss a visit to Dubai Mall of Emirates even you buy a one-day local travel package to Dubai.

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