Dubai is featured on TripAdvisor’s Cities in the World to Visit This Year

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Dubai was recently featured on TripAdvisor’s top cities in the world to visit this year. They choose twenty-five of the best places to visit each year based on an algorithm that uses the quantity and quality of the feedback from reviews and ratings they get for the various hotels, restaurants, and attraction from the destinations worldwide over a twelve-month period.

Best Hotels in Dubai

This year Dubai was number seventeen on the top destinations in the world’s list. From TripAdvisor. Dubai mixes a bit of modern culture with history and other things such as shopping, and entertainment. Dubai has some of the best hotels in the world including the gem of them all the Burl Al Arab. Burl Al Arab is beautiful and is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world with its 24-carat gold plated gold leaf and its crystals hung in the pattern of the Milky Way.

Family Fun Places to Visit

Dubai has fabulous entertainment from fun family things to do, such as going to the Yas Waterworld for a day of family fun. Or maybe you would prefer LEGOLAND Dubai instead. For something a little different, you might even check out Ferrari World. If you want something exceptional to do with your family, then you will not be disappointed in Dubai.

Romantic Outings

Dubai has plenty to do for newlyweds or old married couples celebrating their 50th anniversary. Check out the Dubai Marine Luxury Dinner Cruise with its live music and fabulous view. Or perhaps a balloon for two in the desert would suit you better. Whatever it is Dubai is sure to have just the right night of romance for you.


Dubai has some of the best places to gain a little knowledge like the Dubai Museum and the Coin Museum. You will find exhibits from around the world and some of the best tours available in Dubai for the intelligence mind.


Maybe you’re more impressed with an excellent meal. Dubai has a variety of restaurants to suit the taste of everyone. You will find Filipino food, American Food, Asian food, etc. Dubai has it all. Including places to dine with your dog. All prepared to be delicious and reasonably priced.

Architectural Structures

Maybe you like architecture and Dubai certainly has many interesting structures and businesses, such as, Burl Al Arab which was created to resemble a sail on a boat. With the world’s highest atrium at over 600 feet tall, it is a sight to see. You should take a tour of a mosque while you are there. Their architectural design is some of the most beautiful and unusual buildings in the world.

At any rate, the people have spoken. Each time they have filled out a review for Dubai they have expressed as to its excellence as a place worthy of visiting and giving their money too. As you plan your next vacation, you should consider Dubai and its beauty. The people are warm and hospitable and will make you feel at home. If you come once you are sure to want to return year after year to the exciting and beautiful Dubai.

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