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Dubai makes sure to make every traveler witness its’s glittering malls and offer them an unparallel and unmatched experience of luxurious shopping. But if you are looking for true Arabian culture and tradition then step back a little and head towards the world-famous souks of Dubai. Souks have always been an important part of Arabic life, offering a unique glimpse into the country’s culture and history. Souks in Dubai are a fascinating slice of history well preserved, chockfull of culture and traditions. These humble souks in the bustling heart of old Dubai are where you might get your hands on a rare find and for an unbeatable price too.

Dubai Gold Souk

When it about Dubai the first thing which comes in your mind after skyscrapers and shopping mall is the gold. And Dubai gold souk in Deira is literally a heaven on earth for gold lovers. It attracts visitors not only from this emirate but from all across the globe. This souk has each and every design of jewelry in it. From the old Arabic style to the magnificent modern design. The vast shiny and beautiful collection of precious stones, gold, and rubies attract the visitor’s attention in a matter of seconds and they make sure to leave their impact on them too. The Dubai gold souk is one of the oldest and famous souks in Dubai. The variety of jewelry is crafted here in a diverse range of karats. If you are in Dubai you just cannot afford to miss this attraction. It is located in 54 Al Khor Street, Deira. 

Spice Souk

Next souk is the spice souk, it is a vibrant and buzzing souk with gold souk in its neighborhood. In this souk, you will be surrounded by all sides by the aroma of herbs and spices that are stocked in front of stores. They have set their display in a beautiful manner so bringing your camera to take some snaps of multi-colored spices won’t be a bad idea. The souk’s layout is based upon the old Arabian manner, it has narrow passageways where the vendors have set their display of dried fruits, tea, walnuts, nuts and so much. Where the gold souk is the paradise for gold lovers this souk is a heaven for any taste lover. It is located in 26 34 Street, Deira. 

Perfume Souk

Your entire tour of perfume souk from beginning to end would be accompanied by the beautiful and appetizing sweet scents of Spice souk. You even have the option of buying wholesale sized quantities or a small amount in intricate, cut-glass vials that are mementos themselves. The best part? You can even make your own personal fragrance supervised and assisted by perfumers behind their counters. And don’t forget bargaining is the old custom of this souk. It is located in Sikkat al Khali Street, Deira. 

Naif Souk

Want to experience that vibrant energy that pulses through Dubai? Visit Naif Souk in Deira during the evenings – when vendors will line up outside their stores and shout their wares to you. But did you know that back in the day, this area actually served as a camel marketplace?  But the times have changed and this souk is the witness of it, if you look around you shall see that you can find almost anything in the world here. The bargaining experts would be glad by the unbeatable and unmatched prices offered in this souk.can also nab a gorgeous abaya, the traditional over-garment worn by local women, for yourself. It is located in Naif Street, near Naif Police Station, Deira.

Must plan visit to Dubai Souks, so you can experience the real culture of Dubai and can have glance at historical touch then what are you looking for? Plan your trip to Dubai and have fun!

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