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Today I am going to share my Desert Safari Experience in Dubai. My Dubai Desert Safari Experience was my favorite travel experience in Dubai. I thought maybe when I booked it, it was going to be just a drive in the desert and a tourist trap but I was pleasantly surprised. There are many tour companies which offer a Desert Safari. Some only with dune bashing, others combine with dinner and other options like dune buggy or motorcycling.

Since for most people this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal, don’t let saving a few bucks get in the way of this experience. Choose a reputable and trusted company ,I got picked up at our hotel about 3 p.m. and drove out about an hour to the Dubai Desert Conservation area. All the tour companies will pick up and drop off at your hotel. The package i choose was the Royal desert safari with five-star dinner at Sahara Arabian Fortress.

Before i began my dune bashing, I stopped at a local tourist spot where you can dune buggy, motorcycle, take a camel ride, or a photo with the Falcon. There were lots of people who came here to have fun!

My dune driver picked us up here and drove to the dunes. The drive or dune bashing began along the tops of the tall sand bars. The ride is a thrill as you dip and speed through the desert dunes before the sand slips away. I guess, I should have realized that it was going to be a thrill ride when our driver asked about seat belts and I saw the reinforce bars inside our 4×4. I took off our shoes and socks and the sand was so silky and cool on my feet.  I climbed up a dune and watched the burnt orange sunset amongst the seemingly endless desert. What a memory! Make sure to take lots of pictures. Once the sun set, I finished with the dunes and I am driven to a stop where the driver filled up his tires with air. There are many gift shops and you can also get some coconut water there.

Here, whenever you are planning to have holidays in Dubai, must try this super exciting place!


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