Beat Your Frustration In Dubai Smash Room

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Sometimes talking about our problems just isn’t good enough and only using mallet seems to be the best way to release your negative energy. Fortunately, now there’s a place where you can smash everything in sight to absolute smithereens, without getting wounded, having regrets or getting arrested. The Smash Room is a place to physically smash out all of your frustrations with a choice of catastrophic weapons including sledgehammers, crowbars and baseball bats. You can scream, cry, yell, or hysterically laugh as you demolish an entire room full of TVs, laptops, printers and plates and nobody will bat an eyelid.

Smashing up a TV not big enough for you? The Smash Room has stepped things up with a new monthly event. You can either take your own trash to The Smash Room warehouse in Al Quoz or pay a bit more to smash up a load of provided junk. All of the shattering get recycled and you get to unleash your stress and leave with a new lease of life as well as having a pretty strenuous workout.

The idea was born from a spontaneous smashing by one of The Smash Room founders, who had a light bulb moment as she was destroying old possessions in her back yard. The sense of release during what was a difficult time inspired her to provide the same opportunities for others to unleash their own pent up rage, and thus The Smash Room was born. Protective wear such as helmets with face guards, gloves, kneepads and chest gear are provided and smashers must wear closed toe shoes. More comprehensive smashes include The Big Bang, which costs Dhs249 and goes on for an hour, and the 30-minute Two to Tango, which costs Dhs288.

Smashing is hugely therapeutic, although you might get a shock when you unleash your inner beast. At “Epic Smash”, The Smash Room-goers will get to hit, whack and demolish a selection of big objects, including refrigerators, washing machines, office printers and even a car. They’ll also get to pick their weapon of choice to do so, including sledgehammers, cricket and baseball bats, hammers and crowbars. Epic Smash is only open to ten people each month, and you’ll need to pre-book your spot as The Smash Room is expecting a lot of people to sign up. Dates for the event will be announced at the start of each month, and prices range from Dhs500 to Dhs1,000 depending on the item announced.

Wondering where the facility gets all its items? The Smash Room sources its items from junkyards across the UAE, aiming to help reduce e-waste in the country by recycling old electronics after being smashed. The Smash Room is also offering a special deal to those who aren’t too keen on Valentine’s Day this year with its “Anti-Valentine’s Day” discount. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-norm ladies night, ladies can destroy all they want completely for free from 6pm until 9pm every Monday. Prices start at Dhs75 when you provide your own junk or you can pay Dhs99 for The Quickie, which is a basic30-minute smash-up.

So this and much more exciting attractions are waiting for you Plan your tour to Dubai and have wonderful experience!






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