Hot Air Balloon Adventure activities Over the Dubai Desert

The tour to Dubai is incomplete without traveling to the Dubai desert. And there are many adventurous activities in the Dubai desert that you can enjoy on your tour. These activities are Ride-on dunes in a buggy, an Air-conditioned Vehicle, and a Bicycle. A delicious meal with belly dance and Arabian music and many other activities you can enjoy at Dubai dessert. But one of the adventurous activities that you can perform is Hot Air Ballooning at Dubai dessert. Over here obtain a list of activities that you can enjoy in Air-Balloon.
Hot Air Ballooning remains a fantastic activity that you can perform when you are in Dubai dessert. This activity conveys to you so many unique experiences that you can never forget in your life. Dubai Desert offers many suitable packages to the tourist. Dubai Desert offers many suitable packages to the tourist.

Watching Wildlife

Watching Wildlife

The first thing that makes this activity worth taking represents a chance to explore the wildlife over the Dubai desert. You can witness the animals at Arabian desserts over the sand in a Balloon.

Fly with Falcon

The following thing that makes your tour adventurous is to fly with a falcon. Therein, you can experience a hot air ballooning ride with a trained falcon. It is a unique type of activity in a hot air balloon that you can perform with your loved ones. Therefore not often forego this opportunity and enjoy your ride with a falcon.

Mesmerizing Sunrise views

You can also witness the fantastic views of the sunrise and sunset in a hot air ballooning over the Dubai desert. And this will deliver you so many recent experiences. And observing the sunrise from the towering height in a flying balloon is looks magical. You can also witness Dubai’s skyline and the Arabian desert. The sand looks coolest during the morning time.
You can capture pictures in a hot air balloon and can salvage them with you forever. Along with that, you can also save some glorious moments with you that put together your tour even more exciting. If you want to celebrate some exceptional events or occasion the hot air ballooning ride is the best surprise you can give to someone. The intriguing thing about this activity is that everyone can enjoy this ride in which include a solo ride or group ride.

Delicious Meal

The next striking thing about this activity is that you can enjoy a delicious and mouth-watering meal. You can enjoy some Arabian and continental food in the desert. On landing, you will be served Arabian dishes with coffee and tea. After one hour of the ride, you can enjoy the meal in a beautiful setting over the Dubai Desert.

Fly over the sky

Everyone wishes to fly over the sky and through this activity. You can enjoy a flying experience over 4000 feet above the ground. You will get a chance to witness the numerous birds from the hot air balloon. And in this way, you can enjoy the desert scenery above the ground the flora and fauna, and also camels and the native habitat. Other activities only last for 20-30 minutes but this activity lasts for more than an hour. Consequently, you can explore the Arabian Desert in an hour, and this will be an unforgettable experience for the tourists. Hot air ballooning happens under weather necessity so before planing your tour to Dubai dessert must learn about the weather condition. The loveliest weather for this activity is when the sky is blue and clear. And you can experience this ride in a broad peaceful environment. So you can explore the Arabian Desert in an hour, and this will be an unforgettable experience for the tourists. The suitable time to examine the Dubai desert is the summer season and when you take this ride you can shirk yourself from the scorching heat of the sun in the early morning. The choicest part about this activity is that you will gain a certificate after the flight. And this is one of the adrenaline rush activities.

Overnight Safari

One of the best experiences that you will get from the hot air ballooning in an overnight safari where you sleep under the visible sky in a dessert and open your eyes for a next to do a flight and can enjoy other amazing activities too. And after the ride, you will get smoked salmon, egg Benedict, meat dishes with Arabian tea, and dates. We advise you to wear thin clothes in which you can enjoy your activity comfortably. And you will never feel overcrowded in this activity. Therefore undertake this activity once in a lifetime with your significant ones and gain a unique experience in your life. The feeling that you induce in a hot air balloon is inexpressable for many tourists because they never think that they can fly over the sky. You can also select your interest in packages in hot air ballooning. You will be improved and drop off at the hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Ride on Landcover

In some hot air ballooning activities, they also offer a ride on Landcover in which you can witness the amazing wildlife in the Dubai Desert. In this way, you can explore the Arabian Desert in Dubai. We recommend you to book your activity once in a life to get mesmerizing views of the moonlit desert. But only a few people who have some health concerns or any type of phobia should avoid hot air ballooning Activity in the Dubai desert. And don’t forget a camera or smartphone with you and capture some awful sunrise morning moments. Most hot air ballooning starts at 4 AM in the morning for the best experience. Therefore get this adventure experience book your hot air ballooning activity today.


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