The Culture and Arabian Traditions of the Dubai Museum

    The Culture and Arabian Traditions of the Dubai Museum The Dubai culture and that throughout the United Arab Emirates reflects the culture you will find at the wonderful Dubai Museum. Dubai itself is a very busy place with visitors coming in regularly from all over the world to conduct business and to vacation. ..

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5 Facts You Must Know About Burl Al Arab

   5 Facts You Must Know About Burl Al Arab Dubai is one of the world’s most sought-after city, and no trip to Dubai would be the same without a visit to the Burl Al Arab. The magnificence alone is worth the trip. The Burl Al Arab is now not only one of the most ..

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Top Things to Do Free in Dubai

There is a number of beautiful places to visit in Dubai for free! Here are several places that you will want to check out if you get a chance to visit Dubai!   The Dubai Fountains The Dubai Fountain is located at the foot of the Dubai Mall submerged on 30 acres in Burj Lake. ..

10 Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most highly regarded destinations in the world. In fact, almost 16 million tourists visited Dubai in 2017 and millions more have added visiting Dubai to their wish list. Travel experts have already predicted that the country will host even more visitors this year. Tourists are intrigued by the magnificence of ..

Five Upcoming Tourism Projects in Dubai

Dubai’s tourist industry has been growing at a face-pace for the past several years. Dubai is now the fourth most visited travel destination in all the world with an over ten million visitors per year. These numbers are expected to double to twenty million by 2020 when Dubai hosts the World Expo which should attract ..

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